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May 23

Mazars rises to the “Top 5” and leads alternative in the market

Lisbon, May 23, 2022: Mazars conquered, in 2021, the fifth position in the audit, tax and consulting market in Portugal. The results obtained, based on a strategic plan for growth and diversification of the offer, made it possible to achieve a consolidated turnover of more than 12,5 M€, an increase of around 17% compared to the previous year. Mazars is now the first alternative to the main players – the so-called “Big Four” – in the domestic market.

Luís Gaspar, Managing Partner of Mazars in Portugal, associates this achievement of position with differentiated delivery compared to larger organizations.

Luís Gaspar, Managing Partner

“To our customers, regardless of their characteristics, Mazars brings the promise of a closer relationship and a competent and diverse team. The importance of each of our customers, and the attention we guarantee them, is one of the principles we cultivate every day”, Explain. “In a market eager for diversity, we deliver quality in all the services we provide, responding to customer needs and contributing to a fairer market and a better society. We believe that a competitive market improves the quality of service provided to companies”.

Valuing quality, in a market where trust is and will continue to be a decisive factor, is at the heart of Mazars' activities. The firm's business model and the delivered to customers is done through the expansion of innovative products, which are part of quality, and the contribution of specialized teams.

“The fact that we are in 5th place, with less time in history and with origins in a globally more complex context such as the European one, demonstrates that we have space and capacity to grow and that the market is interested in our proposal”, concludes Luís Gaspar.

Boosting diversity in the market

In a context of new challenges, in which new skills are required, it is important to consider mechanisms that allow new operators to enter the market. This is the time to stimulate competition between a greater number of companies from different cultural and technical backgrounds, giving the opportunity to more players to reach another type of customer and play a different and more active role in the area.

Greater diversity allows for different approaches to identified needs and increases the possibility of choice, resulting in a more innovative response to stakeholders and challenges.

At Mazars, this approach is guided by the existence of a closer relationship with the customer – a particularly relevant factor with regard to the desires of small and medium-sized companies. “Customers who come to Mazars know that they will have membership hours. We know our customers, we put our people closer to their core and, with an efficient process, we can offer competitiveness without compromising quality”, points out the Managing Partner of Mazars in Portugal.

A strategic vision for the future

Mazars' medium-term objective is to continue to grow at double digits, adapting to new market circumstances, both in terms of human resources and technology, as well as new skills, guaranteeing a vast, diversified, professional and high quality.

The implementation of a four-year strategic plan reinforces the intention of accelerating the firm's transformation and strengthening its reference position in complementary dimensions: offering a different perspective in the areas of auditing, taxation and consulting; continue to improve the service provided through a wide range of solutions; and developing internal talent as a knowledge-intensive organization and school of excellence.


About Mazars 

Mazars is a partnership international integrated, specializing in auditing, accounting, consultancy, taxation and legal services*. Operating in more than 90 countries and territories around the world, we draw on the expertise of more than 44.000 professionals – 28.000+ in the partnership and 16.000+ via the Mazars North America Alliance – to support customers of all sizes at every stage of their development.

*when permitted by local law.

Additional information at https://www.mazars.pt/.


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