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May 31

A story in the universe of a brand

Stories are not all the same and companies and brands have more stories to tell than they realize. The challenge is to make them a good story.

The dynamic and constant innovation of Marketing results in the emergence of new strategies all the time. A recent example that has been constantly updated and disseminated is the Branded Content, an innovative solution to the challenges of conveying the message and telling the story of a brand or company.

Branded Content is the creation of content directly related to a brand's universe and relevant to its audiences. Non-intrusive content, which is not about the product/service and cannot be exclusively commercial. It is something that informs, that educates, that entertains. It is the construction of a relevant narrative for the consumer. Consumer who, in the current moment of communication, assumes multiple identities that, depending on the moment and need, make him interact in a different way.

The most recent data reveal that when there is a engagement of the consumer with Branded content, brand memory is 59% higher than with advertising, namely ad banners. It is a branded content solution, for creating content directly related to the universe of a brand.

Content that needs to have quality and relevance to the public-bowel and makes people closer to brands and with 62% more positive reactions. The probability of spending more time in the brand ecosystem increases by 14%.

branded content it is positioned at the intersection of information, entertainment, advertising and marketing, it is very flexible and adaptable, it can be developed in a multiplicity of channels and its success is based on a diversity of factors and rules such as: the format or duration does not make the story; viral stories aren't born viral and platforms don't determine success, but choosing the right platform does.

Also remember that producing content is not an exact science, but there are several starting questions to answer to increase its effectiveness: who is the audience and what topics interest them; the approach to choose is empathy or helpfulness and the story to be told is aligned with the brand's values ​​and goals.

All brands have already realized that telling a well-told story can be decisive. But sometimes it becomes difficult to make the difference between so many good stories. More than just buying a product or service, consumers like and will continue to be attracted to brands that can thrill and engage them.

Because telling a good story can still be a secret to success.


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