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July 11, 2022

Branding: an essential asset in B2B communication

By: Arthur Lopes; Mariana Cotrim; Ruth Martins; Thomas Ferreira. Finalists of the Degree in Public Relations and Business Communication at the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social – within the scope of the subject of “Communication Business-to-Business".

 As it is currently increasingly difficult for a Business-to-Business (B2B) company to differentiate itself from its competition, the branding and the construction and management of the Brand emerged with the aim of highlighting and making known the intangible attributes of a brand - such as its culture, values, characteristics of its products and services, positioning, history, among others -, and guiding the path following, thus impacting its entire structure.

Since the Brand is created and managed by organizations with the aim of awakening 'awareness' and increase your customers' loyalty, it allows you to manage the relationship with the different stakeholders, concentrated in three major segments – the customers, the collaborators and the community –, and emphasizes the role of people and the organization by highlighting the characteristics that distinguish it from its competition.

In this sense, and recognizing the importance of working on the establishment of a professional impression and the immediate identification of customers with organizations, implementing Branding in our communication strategies allows us to achieve success in different ways:

  • Mirror your customers' changing expectations and evolution of society and os new challenges and opportunities that this inherently brings with it and forces them to constantly innovate, reflecting its ability and agility to adapt to new demands and preserving its commitment to helping its stakeholders to achieve success. This is because, at its core, are the perceptions of stakeholders that direct the construction and management of the Brands
  • contributes to the building trust, reputation and the reconhecimento that B2B companies are agents of confidence e credibility together with its main stakeholders.
  • The stronger your brand and consistently this is communicated, the more likely they are to attract prospects, partners and referrals, since, as a consolidated Brand enhances customer loyalty towards the company, the word of mouth that is created make us the main ambassadors of this.
  • It helps in the purchase decision process, being highly correlated with customer preference for one brand over another.

Thus, the Branding it is then assumed as an indispensable and priority communication strategy and one of the most important corporate assets, due to its various reputational benefits that will certainly allow your organization to make a difference and achieve success.


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