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July 11, 2022

Empower customers

The main role of a B2B company is to respond to your stakeholders. But there are situations in which the best thing is for customers to represent themselves and, for that, it is necessary to train them with useful tools so that they can express themselves and interact.

Os engineers they are the customers of electronic component distributors and are often misrepresented as aloof and clumsy, when in fact they are catalysts for innovation. Engineers come from all over the world, from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse areas of interest. They are a passionate and diverse group, essential for the common good.

A campaign by Newark – one of the largest distributors of electronic components in the world – revealed the essence of this group, positioning itself as one of the biggest advocates of these professionals, increasing its reputation in the sector, positively influencing the perception of the profession and convincing more people to pay attention to the various aspects of engineering.

Walker Sands, the agency responsible for this Campanha, began by investigating the online community of 400.000 engineers to understand existing concerns and stereotypes. There were three main results: they wanted more content, insights and information about your work; they felt distant from their peers; they were open to the idea of ​​a platform that would represent their community and of which they could be an active part.

The result was the #ImAnEngineer concept, to develop a platform dedicated to engineering in the form of a hub of content. On this platform, community members would find relevant and original news, personal stories, analysis, interviews and various other multimedia content. “ImAnEngineer.com” would be a celebration of engineers and their work, where they could share experiences and opinions, and connect.

In six months of activity, the site made 155 contents available, which generated 13.500 visitors per month. In social networks the hashtag #ImAnEngineer got a lot of mentions and the content garnered a lot of likes and shares. There were also 330 people subscribing to the newsletter and the specialized Media reported the campaign in a favorable light.

The site no longer exists, but the content and ideas have migrated to the Newark community site, which is still a source of relevant content and a hub for engineers to discuss ideas and share experiences.

The #ImAnEngineer campaign reveals that good PR isn't always about us, but about helping customers and stakeholders a find your voice.


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