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July 11, 2022

Incentives to seize opportunities

The availability of so-called “community funds”, namely in the Portugal 2030, brings several investment opportunities in instruments, tools and people necessary for the expansion and improvement of the business.

The opening of applications for internationalization and qualification programs is scheduled for this month, which include, namely the internationalization program, the totality of communication marketing services, decisive for the success of the expansion or strengthening of the international presence of a company or organization.

The investment typology for the internationalization of SMEs aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of SMEs with a view to promoting increased exports through the development and application of new business models and SME qualification processes, valuing in particular – but not in exclusive – the adoption of e-commerce as an internationalization tool based on solid and integrated marketing strategies. e-commerce and digital transformation.

The specifics of support are yet to be fully defined, but it is essential to prepare applications in a timely manner. You cannot wait for applications to be opened to assemble the projects, since deadlines are short, rules and procedures are demanding and the necessary documentation is vast.

With Portugal 2030 there are indeed opportunities for entrepreneurial development that has a vision of overcoming the crisis and taking advantage of the added value provided by this type of support and financing, which also has a central component in supporting the contraction and creation of jobs.

The main lines of application for Portugal 2030, similar to Portugal 2020, should focus on two-year projects. In addition, the normal period that elapses between the publication of the notice of opening of applications and the deadline for submission is two months. These two facts lead to the need to set up and close investment projects for two years in just 45 to 60 days.

In this phase, which is quick and decisive, it is important that entrepreneurs plan and decide on projects for the next two years and approach consultants to find opportunities. The touchstone is in the assembly and monitoring of the projects. First of the nominations, and after their execution.

So that opportunities are firmly seized and do not “die on the beach”.


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