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July 19, 2022

agap2IT launches suite of Web3 services

Consultant agap2IT launches a set of Web3 services for the global market and presents a website to add know-how. Experience in decentralized technologies such as Smart Contracts, Defi, NFT and dApps and specialized team are the basis for the service now available.


Lisbon, 19 July 2022 – agap2IT, through its Labs area, launched a set of Web3 services available at www.devweb3.net. The platform provides services for the conceptualization, development, integration and support of Smart Contracts, Defi, NFT and dApps solutions. Faced with a global demand for services in this area, which is also felt in Portugal, although still at an early stage, the consultancy wants to assume itself as the main reference in the national market.

agap2IT is positioning itself in an unexplored market, taking advantage of the know-how years in decentralization technologies and an increasingly global intervention, with talent working “from here to there”.

Ricardo Schiller Pinto, Head of R&D at agap2IT, explains a bet he believes has a future. “Smart contracts and programmable blockchains will grow and be more and more recurrent in the market. The bet on Web3 is in line with an experience in decentralized technologies that dates back to 2015. The company's R&D area has developed, for chronological order: Lightning Network, Block explorers, NFTs, BlockBase, and now Web3 services.”

“agap2IT is a company with 17 years of experience in technological consulting, with an international bent, part of a group of 25 brands and more than 7.000 employees. These are the skills and characteristics that support the launch of this service”, concludes.

The projection of the service is carried out through the website www.devweb3.net, with a performance oriented towards a global market. The platform will contain technical articles related to Web3 and code references that will be uploaded to GitHub.

The Web3 market could reach $81.5 billion by 2030, according to Emergen Research projections. The growing adoption of technologies blockchain and increased investment in research and development by the governments of several countries and large players are some factors that currently contribute to the growth of the values ​​of this market.



About agap2IT:

Founded in September 2005, agap2IT is a European organization in the area of ​​Information Systems, Science and Technology and a reference in the world of Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Energy, among others. Committed to innovation, agap2IT is geared towards creating real value for its Clients and Consultants.

It currently has offices in 13 countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Morocco – and projects spread across 4 continents.

The ability to intervene globally combined with the team's high experience and technical, functional and business know-how, guarantee an excellent response to the most demanding and complex challenges. Additional information at http://www.agap2-it.pt


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