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Aug 10, 2022

Different goals, different strategies

The news supported by Public relations they have become an indirect benefit for policymakers and for “policy”, relying on information disseminated by the media in their decision-making. But the benefit of PR information also helps to understand how charities, NGOs or community groups can influence public agendas, even as goals and strategies change from scenario to scenario.

Public relations professionals working for nonprofit organizations have found a great use for this information, which provides a valuable source of pointers about the issues and causes they campaign for. The availability of information as a Public Relations strategy is available to both elites and “outsiders”. A benefit of constant information can also be to build legitimacy, because being regularly cited or associated in stories builds an organization's reputation and evidence. experts on the subject.

Government Information Benefit

Some Public Affairs departments – for example, ministries or corporations – publish large amounts of information, with constant interactions with journalists. This presents an opportunity to use your position to develop news management goals and strategies, such as communicating announcements with maximum impact, securing media coverage for an important or positive event, or running stories to divert attention from other topics. Another strategy is message coordination, ie the PR team uses internal communication to ensure that the media speaker is emphasizing the desired message or narrative.

The benefit of information is also useful as a concept for exploring the relationship between public relations professionals and their relationship with legislators and politicians. In this context, PRs present a constant source of data that decision-makers rely on to define current or future policy options.

Public Relations and Media

In media relations, PR seeks to provide journalists with information that fits their concepts of what makes something newsworthy. In public affairs, Public Relations translates information for decision-makers, opening new horizons to the perception of social, labor, environmental issues, etc.

It is important to consider multiple social, economic, political and cultural contexts before moving towards a strategy of communication. Assuming that any concept can be universally applied to all relations between PR and the media is a wrong way of equating this issue and can render any action in this area effective.


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