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Aug 10, 2022

New expectations, solutions and the relevance of communication

The last few years have shown that companies can be highly resilient. Many were able to adapt quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic, coming to the conclusion that they had to do something different to survive. But did you know how to implement your B2B Communication correctly?

The pressure of the need to sell and guarantee the operation forced us all to look for new formulas. Because the earlier ones, well established, were no longer useful. events, networking, meetings and fairs could no longer take place. Traditional touchpoints have been lost. Thus, obstacles arose to build relationships that are fundamental to B2B Communication.

roads not traveled

This was the moment when many companies started to worry and tried to understand which way they could go. Thus, they updated their websites and social media platforms, started creating newsletters and used everything they could to continue to communicate, whether through commercial, technical or corporate communication.

This is where communication matters. There is sometimes the understanding that communication is a mere transmission of information between a sender and a receiver. Managing communication is actually managing interaction and seeking negotiation and cooperation with a goal. Communication allows companies to make sense and add value to their activity. That's why it's so important to think about it when we talk about relationship management with stakeholders. Communication supports a set of processes that are the basis of a B2B environment: trust, credibility, cooperation, clarity and knowledge.

B2B Communication 

In B2B Communication, relationships are everything, it is the brand and reputation that will help consolidate this relationship. For a company, it is more important than ever to think long term, increasing resilience and connection to the market. Here, the value of trust and reputation gain a prominent place as a crucial element in the extended Strategic Communication that makes the brand recognized and legitimate among its recipients, with clear effects on all dimensions of the business.

Relationships continue and will continue to be the foundation of business. There are now more opportunities to work in partnership and in a holistic way, with contacts established with different stakeholders, in various sectors, geographies and platforms. Communication emerges as a function of increasing importance, assuming a prominent position in the strategic thinking of several companies.

We have entered a “golden age” to really understand the importance of communicating and strategically managing an organization's stakeholders and understanding that only with highly planned actions will we be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.



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