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Aug 10, 2022

PR and media: defining and framing the agenda

By setting and/or framing the agenda, PR professionals seek to guide the public's attention. Not only that, but they can also use these strategies to cement various topics in public consciousness. In a way, this is how successful PR is measured.

Media facts depend a lot on several factors. Meanwhile, the topic of agenda setting is of increasing interest and is becoming more and more relevant, with a strong link between the issues that are prominent in the media and how the public rates the importance of the issues facing society.

The Power of the Media

Media content cannot necessarily tell the public what to think. However, it can “tell” the audience what topics to think about. In addition, the media also have the power to influence what the public thinks about a given subject. In the right circumstances, this will also affect what they believe should happen about the issue.

Agenda setting is a process in which public relations professionals draw media attention to issues through diverse interaction strategies. It is based on the assumption that frequent media references to certain issues will cause a large segment of the public to perceive these issues as more important than others.

Structure the Agenda

As for framing, PR professionals are not simply providing information to benefit a particular issue, but to gain the media attention. They also pay attention to assessing how a particular coverage could best advance its objectives on any given issue. For any PR campaign, the goal is to do more than set the agenda. Because the frame will be the one that shapes public consensus on an issue. It suggests potential actions and/or promotes certain legislation, seeking to ensure that the information is considered relevant and that the media present it in an engaging way.

In other words, the objective of mediation in Public Relations with the media is to frame and prepare information and PR professionals are extremely careful when selecting the words, visual resources and the medium of the message to disseminate, something vital for campaigns to of Public Relations and its attempts to frame the issues in highly competitive environments.

However, this is not to say that all organizations will have the same opportunity or resources available to ensure that the media use their framing of an issue. However, with good public relations, the chances grow exponentially.


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