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Set 26, 2022

Crowdfunding campaign for “Portugal Out-of-the-Box”

Plataforma Portugal Agora challenges us to think and write Portugal for the next decade with the editorial project “Portugal Out-of-the-Box”. Extended until 30 September Crowdfunding campaign for investment and contribution

Lisbon, September 26, 2022 – The Portugal Agora platform invited a group of people to think and write about the future of Portugal in the decisive period that is the next decade – in which a set of technological innovations will generate a huge impact on our societies.

The objective of the book “Portugal Out-of-the-Box” is to present disruptive solutions that make sense for the country that is to be built in the next ten years, based on a forward-looking vision and foundations of creativity and innovation.
To obtain a contribution or investment for this editorial project, Portugal Agora has extended the crowdfunding campaign until September 30th. The crowdfunding platform has options of €15 for physical book and €10 for digital format (ebook). More information at Book – Portugal Out-of-the-Box | NPP.

Among the confirmed authors, in the various areas, are Pedro Teixeira, CEO of Happy Code Portugal and founder of the Ed-Ruptiva Association, who writes about “Learning and Developing Skills”; Pedro Oliveira, founder of the Landing Jobs and Talent Protocol platforms, which deals with the theme “Work and Create Value”. Joana S. Paiva, founder of iLoF – intelligent Lab on Fiber, addresses “Aging Healthy” and Luís Couto, founder of the GoParity platform, who writes about “Buying and Financing”.

“In a context of complexity and uncertainty, we cannot plan in a linear way, as in the past. But we can think strategically, build scenarios, seize opportunities and develop disruptive ideas with a strong (and positive) social impact in Portugal”, summarizes Carlos Sezões, chairman of the board of Portugal Agora.

About Portugal Now: is a citizenship project that aims to promote a vision for our country based on 4 dimensions (Portugal Attractive, Portugal of Knowledge, Portugal Entrepreneur and Portugal Resilient), with the aim of facilitating the transition from strategy to Action - generating concrete proposals for public policies or civil society initiatives. The project was built by a group of citizens (more than 400 subscribers) who offered to promote a platform for the realization of the aforementioned vision. Its objective will be to consolidate sets of thematic intervention proposals and respective public dissemination and discussion.
Additional information: http://www.portugalagora.com/


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