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Set 27, 2022


The three finalists for the IT Solutions award, the technological vertical of the BMAP Contest supported by KCS IT, were selected. The maturity and quality of the more than 3.000 ideas presented mark the 12th edition of the initiative.

Lisbon, September 27, 2022 – The three finalist projects for the IT Solutions Award, the vertical of the Banco Montepio Acredita Portugal Contest (BMAP) supported by the KCS IT, which seeks to develop technology-related startups with a focus on the digital transformation of companies and reinvention of traditional commerce.

Selected from more than 3.200 ideas entered in this 12th edition of the program, the finalists were selected after evaluation on a Pitch Day. The selection criteria focused on the maturity of the startup (indicators of market traction and validation and the quality and suitability of the team) and on the synergy with the vertical (potential to innovate in the sector and solve its challenges). They will now integrate Phase 2 of the Contest, which aims to generate connections and visibility for selected startups.

For Tiago Farinha, General Director of KCS IT, “the partnership we developed with the BMAP Contest is part of a logic of continuing proximity to support entrepreneurship through technology and innovation, dimensions that are part of our DNA and the way we create solutions for our customers. As this is an experience that has been going on for some years, we can clearly see in this edition the maturity and quality of the proposals presented, which translate into an increasingly sophisticated entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe that we have a relevant contribution to help these types of projects evolve, be more viable and have an impact on the market and the community.”

The focus of this year’s edition of the Contest was to attract more mature startups with the aim of having solutions with greater potential to carry out projects with sponsors and strengthen brands – both from the program and sponsors – by associating them with prominent startups in their verticals. . This strategy attracted the interest and recognition of ecosystem actors and enabled an increase in media coverage.

It appears that it was possible to reach more mature startups, pointing to an active prospection and the internationalization of the program's communication, to attract quality projects and entrepreneurs from other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The three finalist projects:

  • GetCommerce: Intelligent sales platform, with an artificial intelligence system that combines predictive analysis and automatic recommendations, recovering most of these sales that would be lost on any other platform. https://getcommerce.com.br/
  • Invisible Collector: While Debt Collection Departments and Agencies rely on manual, underpaid and underqualified work, intimidating debtors to the point of exhaustion and completely disregarding their position as clients, Invisible Collector performs an in-depth behavioral analysis providing clients with a solution that makes it possible to identify and contact tomorrow's debtors today. https://invisiblecollector.com/
  • Whywaste: Uses big data and artificial intelligence to help food retailers reduce their losses from expired products by up to 75%. https://www.whywaste.com.br/


About the 12th edition of the BMAP Contest

  • Investment Raised: +70% of startups have already carried out at least one round of investment capture, in which the average of those that raised was €982k. This metric indicates validation by investors and support for the development of these companies.
  • Annual Revenue: +90% of startups already have revenues and the average is €565k per year. A very relevant number of startups are not only in the ideation phase, but already operating with paying customers.
  • Number of Enrollees: Although this was not the main focus of prospecting, an attempt was made to ensure a high number of enrollments, as this was a priority in previous years. In this edition, the initiative had 3.257 entries.


About KCS IT

KCS IT is a technology services company with an innovative alignment and an agile team, oriented to creating value for Clients through the execution of strategic consulting, project management and training. It has a multifaceted offer of services and partnerships with which it takes its Clients' business to new levels of excellence. Develop your business innovation. It is recognized for its experience in project management, through the implementation of PMI® international best practices. It is aligned with Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Esri solutions. It creates business value in the digital age, developing strategies and dynamics through the Key Services unit. Additional information at www.kcsit.pt.


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