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Oct 17, 2022

Únicos Award supports start-up startups

Google, Shilling and The Next Big Idea are looking for the next startup to stand out in the Portuguese innovation ecosystem and have more than 150 thousand euros in prizes to award. Applications until November 30th.

Lisbon, October 14, 2022 – The “Uniques” award is an initiative promoted by Google and Shilling, in partnership with The Next Big Idea, with the aim of distinguishing a startup that could become part of the generation of Portuguese companies that are leaders or candidates for leaders in the global markets where they operate.

Applications are open until the 30th of November and the finalists will be announced at the beginning of December, with the winner being determined in an event of pitch.

The Únicos Prize will support startups in three fundamental dimensions:
REAL ESTATE FINANCING: €50 investment prize awarded by Shilling
Technology: 100 thousand euros in Google services
Communication: episode performed by The Next Big Idea

The Únicos Award is intended for startups that meet the following requirements:
Stage: Angel, Pre-Seed, Seed (boosting start-up is the main objective of this award)
Geography: Portugal (company must have a project relevant to the national market)
Sector: Agnostic (game changers wanted in technology, wherever they come from)

Applications must be made to: https://thenextbigidea.pt/premio-unicos/.

What makes a startup unique?

This is the theme of the new season of The Next Big Idea program, broadcast on SIC Notícias and SIC Internacional, with the support of Google and Shilling.

After ten years of ideas and more than 600 episodes produced for television, the startup ecosystem in Portugal is quite different from what The Next Big Idea found when it debuted in 2012.

Until the launch of this new season, seven companies that started as startups reached a valuation of more than 1.000 million dollars that led them to receive the designation of “unicorns”.

At a time when Portugal is closing its first cycle, the first decade of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in which many ideas have grown and many others have fallen by the wayside, it is time to learn from the Portuguese who managed to make their companies a global reference.

That's the purpose of the special edition “Unique” do The Next Big Idea, with the support of Google and Shilling.

Every week, until the end of the year, the story of the unicorns founded by Portuguese and the high-potential startups that helped build the innovation ecosystem we know today will be told.

Diogo Mónica, Ricardo Marvão, Rui Bento, André Albuquerque, Cristina Fonseca, Miguel Santo Amaro, Humberto Ayres Pereira, Marcelo Lebre, Vasco Pedro and Daniela Braga share how, in less than ten years, they made Portuguese companies leaders or potential leaders in world markets .

“These are stories of a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers who are not only creating products, but also reinventing the role of companies. We believe that the future of society and the economy will pass through here and that the role of journalism is also to democratize access to information about what makes a company a good company That is the purpose of this project developed in partnership with Google and Shilling and having in SIC Notícias our usual partner in television”, says Rute Sousa Vasco, publisher of MadreMedia and co-author of The Next Big Idea.

This season has reinforced the content offer on The Next Big Idea's digital platforms, responding to a growing demand for information on the strategy of companies and projects that stand out in the economy of innovation and talent.

Along with the episodes broadcast on SIC Notícias and SIC Internacional,launches in December a series of Masterclasses on The Next Big Idea's YouTube channel and on Google and Shilling platforms.
● How to come up with ideas for a startup, and how do you know if it's a good idea?
● How do you take a product from scratch until it's ready to launch?
● Which is more important: the product or the market?
● Product Market Fit: what is it and how to find it?
● Why do you need a co-founder? Isn't it better to do everything yourself?
● How to build a dream team?

These are some of the questions to be answered with the vision and experience of Portuguese entrepreneurs who stand out in Portugal and in the global market in a set of sessions led by Rute Sousa Vasco, journalist and co-author of The Next Big Idea.

The Next Big Idea – Special Edition “Uniques” is displayed Saturdays at 08:40 am and Sundays at 16:40 pm on SIC Notícias, which is also transmitted in 15 countries where SIC Internacional is present.

About The Next Big Idea
The Next Big Idea is an open stage for innovation – in ideas, regardless of their origin and scope, and in companies, as a critical space for growth and progress. What started as a content project – in partnership with SIC Notícias and side-by-side with the actors that in universities, incubators, startups and entities actively participate in the development of new ideas – has grown and is today a wide space for innovation, knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practices. Today, the project's mission is not only to disseminate innovation and thereby allow new ideas, practices and actors to have greater reach, but also to provide a support service to those who innovate.
Additional information at https://thenextbigidea.pt/.


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