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November 29, 2022


The “PRIO Jump Start” innovation solution joins PRIO and Automaise in the development of a solution with an important impact on the strategy of the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal


Aveiro, November 29, 2022

PRIO, maintaining its expansion strategy, now felt the need to focus on process efficiency, using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform developed by Automaise. The new solution adopted essentially had an impact in terms of supply and was decisive because “allowed confirming and fine-tuning the offer that PRIO presents to Portuguese consumers”, as indicated Alexandre Cruz, Market Analyst at PRIO.

The current context is challenging for all operators in the energy sector and never before has strategy played such a decisive role in defining the molds of what will be the future of the sector.

Thus, PRIO went from a manual process, which took longer and was more prone to errors, which did not take historical data into account, to a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence in order to generate predictive information. 🇧🇷Results are more robust, precise and accurate, helping to strengthen PRIO's position and strategy”, he also mentions Alexandre Cruz, who has no hesitation in stating that “the company's strategy became more robust, being reinforced with the data provided by the Artificial Intelligence solution developed by Automaise. "

"PRIO's commitment to implementing AI in core business processes, to some extent, anticipates a growing market trend”, Highlights Ernesto Pedrosa, Co-Founder & CEO of Automaise, continuing with the indication that “In the short term, the use of this type of technology will be vital for the relevance of brands. Agile, data-driven decisions will be a must have. We have seen the demand for this type of solution grow as a clear sign that, more and more, the topic is on the agenda of operational managers and decision makers. "

PRIO has plans to continue to reinforce its commitment to fuels produced using waste and green hydrogen, following the line of sustainability for which it has always stood out. When it comes to technology, the door remains open and the company makes it clear that “is very pleased with the results of the project already developed and will invest in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in all areas where it proves to be relevant. "

More information about this accelerator program at www.PRIOjumpstart.pt.



PRIO is the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal, producing them from waste raw materials. Through this production, it contributes to around 1/3 of COXNUMX emissions.2 avoided in mobility in Portugal. To ensure the disposal of these biofuels, it operates and supplies a network of more than 250 service stations from north to south of Portugal, in which it offers, in addition to conventional liquid fuels, charging for electric vehicles and gas vehicle refueling (GPL Auto ).

To ensure its competitiveness in liquid fuels and LPG, PRIO operates an independent storage and primary logistics terminal in Aveiro, through which it can supply itself to the international market. To ensure the supply of its biodiesel plant on the national market, PRIO coordinates the collection of used cooking oils and other residual raw materials at more than 600 collection points in Portugal, and values ​​residual raw materials from sectors as varied as those for the production of margarines, sauces, olive oil and coffee.

It has a 100% Portuguese operating base, is the largest company in the District of Aveiro, and is a company with the triple QSA certification (Quality, Safety and Environment) for both the biodiesel factory and the tank park.


Automaise was created in 2017 and works with some of the most prestigious international brands in retail, banking, insurance and telecommunications to accelerate digital transformation and strengthen customer relationships.

Automaise created a no-code platform, which combines various components of Artificial Intelligence with a sophisticated drag-n-drop interface of intelligent workflows, an environment that allows the rapid construction and provision of AI solutions tailored to each client.

The focus has been on solutions to support the management and operation of companies, which stand out for their ability to handle everyday tasks and decision-making related to complex and core operations autonomously – with a proven accuracy rate of 98%.

Additional information at www.automaise.com.


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