Mobile Phones Apps

Mobile Phones Apps

Mobile applications are types of application software designed to run on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Mobile applications often serve to provide users with services similar to those accessed on a PC.

Os aplicativos mobile apps or simpler mobile apps start from PC-based apps and transport them to a mobile device. A more sophisticated approach involves developing specifically for the mobile environment, taking advantage of its limitations and advantages. Applications that use location-based features are inherently built from the ground up for mobility as the user is not tied to a location, as is the case with a PC.

Applications are divided into two large category: native apps and web apps. Native apps are designed for a specific mobile operating system, typically iOS or Android. Native apps enjoy better performance and a tighter user interface (UI) and generally need to go through a much stricter development and quality assurance process before they are released.

Web applications are supported ​​in HTML5 or CSS and require minimal device memory as they are run through a browser. The user is redirected to a specific web page and all information is stored in a database stored on the server. Web apps require a stable connection to use.

There are several types of apps available:

  • Gaming apps: The equivalent of computer video games, they are among the most popular types of apps. They represent one-third of all app downloads and three-quarters of all consumer spending.
  • Productivity applications: focus on improving business efficiency, facilitating various tasks, such as sending emails, monitoring work processes, booking hotels, among others.
  • Applications lifestyle and entertainment: increasingly popular, encompassing many aspects of personal lifestyle and socializing, such as relationships, social media communication, as well as sharing (and watching) video content. Some of the more popular apps, like Netflix, Facebook or TikTok, fall into this category.

Other types of apps include mobile commerce (M-commerce) apps used to buy products online, such as Amazon or eBay, travel apps that help the traveler (booking tours and trips, finding routes on maps and geolocation, travel journals etc.) and utility apps such as health apps and barcode scanners.


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