Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI)

Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI)

Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI)

Measuring and assessing the impact of Public Relations is essential to creating a successful communication plan. If the objective is to achieve certain results according to the objectives and strategy outlined, an Media Exposure Assessment (ROI - Return on Investment) with measurement and analysis instruments that allow accurate information to be collected and that best supports decision-making processes.

The challenge is, taking into account the rapid and permanent evolution of medium, find the formula that responds to the organization's communication purposes and objectives and that simultaneously demonstrates the effectiveness of the actions carried out, namely the impact on the business results.

A Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI) it allows assessing the degree of success of Public Relations actions and is a good starting point for improving the marketing and communication strategy. The purpose of any investment in marketing and communication is to generate results and increase the profits of a business and a Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI) effective it aims precisely to assess the return on investments made in order to validate how much of that monetary investment has effectively translated into profit. Only in this way is it possible to assess whether these actions were profitable.

The results of this measurement will allow you to identify the actions that were translated into profit, those that brought losses and those that did not have any effect. The difficulties inherent in this measurement and the time that can be consumed by the human resources of a marketing department lead more and more companies to delegate these tasks to external agencies. The more judicious the survey of expenditures with a given action of Public relations, more rigorous and useful will be the result obtained in the Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI).

The different types of media and their respective platforms are paramount communication tools in a multidisciplinary strategy supported by complementary approaches. The creation and promotion of journalistic contents and selective approaches to media allows for a dissemination of information to a broad public or the contact with a sector-specific target through specialized media.


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