Brand Activation Campaigns

Brand Activation Campaigns

Brand Activation Campaigns

Activation is the art of bringing brands to life and encouraging positive interaction between them and their audience. They aim to embody brands in the real world and provide experiences that promote emotional involvement with the brand and that inspire action. At Brand Activation Campaigns they can take many forms and cover various communication platforms. The main resources used in brand activations are emotional connections between the company and the customer and the creation of extraordinary experiences, capable of making them change their minds and lead to acquisition. But brand activation can come in many forms and models, such as promotions, marketing experience, digital campaigns, and even offering free samples.

Putting a new venture in contact with potential consumers requires a lot of market research and the direction of a series of efforts, which can be particularly complicated for brands created recently because they lack the relationship to base the best ones. brand activation strategies.

This is a process of creating experiences that determines, based on an interaction, that the relationship with a company becomes more than the mere recognition of its existence. brand activation works simultaneously on several fronts and aims to promote a specific brand at the expense of others. This promotion serves to increase sales, consolidate a position in the market or transform it into a synonym for a specific product, service or solution. Brand activation serves to consolidate, in the mind of the consumer and the public, a positive impression of a particular business. The main results of a brand activation campaign are the building of a lasting relationship with customers and potential customers.

Implementing Marketing Communication actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services into perceptions about their attributes and positioning, the SayU enhances the development of awareness around the brand and the organization.


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