Finding and retaining talent are critical concerns for the organizations, with communication defining the way that the sector players establish a relationship with professionals.
Given the inherent pressure in a moment where the human capital of an organization is seen as a fundamental basis for a successful operation, companies in the sector are in need of a strategy that consolidates the attraction of human capital.

“Partnership is a worn up word, mostly because we use it and abuse it. The partnership between Boyden and Say U maintains its essence: honesty, work, competence and availability. It is with complete assurance and safety that I recommend Marta Gonçalves and Say U’s work”.
Andreia Barbosa – Partner, Boyden

“The decision to create a new website for Family First was an experience where we decided to take the risk of having a new partner. However, being communication a sensitive area, we opted for Say U due to the fact that they are specialists in this subject. The team is professional, efficient, committed and dedicated to the client.
We recommend their work; you will be pleasantly surprised just as we were. Best wishes!”.

Inês Oliveira Sousa – Managing Partner, Family First

“Neves de Almeida/HR Consulting, active for more than 20 years, choose Say U as a supplier because we feel that the company is dynamic and innovative.
When we decided to refurbish our company’s image we searched for an agency that, in the first place, cared about out DNA and that at the same time challenged us with refreshing and “out of box” solutions. We were very satisfied with the final result. I emphasize this partnership by the availability, flexibility and professionalism of the team”.

Isabel Rita – CEO, Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting

“Working with Say U is working in a team and knowing how to count on competent, dedicated and available professionals. Say U has been showing a true spirit of partnership, based on the comprehension of our necessities and in the presentation of results that align with these same necessities.”
Maria João Gomes – Head of Marketing and Communication, Kelly Services