Clipping is an English expression that defines the process of selecting news at newspapersmagazineswebsites and other media, usually print, to result in an overview of issues of interest to a particular organization. This type of work can also be done on social networks, blogs, digital newspapers, radio and television. For this, there are numerous tools that contribute to the agility of the work.

Clipping is a continuous process of monitoring, analyzing and archiving mentions made in the media to a certain brand, company or other names and expressions used in a communication campaign and is an activity also known as "news monitoring" or "media monitoring". media).

The service of clipping is often hired by companies that have a presence in mediaWhether it is the popularity of the brand, the role it plays in society, or its active work in media This is done by in-house or outsourced communication and press agencies in the agency model.

Whatever the nature of the brand being monitored, the work of clipping is almost always done by companies specialized in this activity or, in a more simplified way, by the press offices themselves, being a process developed by each organization.

Be aware of what is spoken and written by journalists, influencers and different stakeholders is vital for the management of a company. Hence clipping is an important component in the activity of marketing communication and public relations.

The different types of media and their respective platforms are communication tools par excellence in a multidisciplinary strategy based on complementary approaches. The development and dissemination of journalistic content and selective approaches to the media allow the mass dissemination of information to a wide audience or the contact with a sectorial target through specialized publications.




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