Financial Communication

Financial Communication

Financial Communication

The financial market is highly regulated, creating the need to create relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. THE Financial Communication is targeted at the banking, insurance, as well as investment funds sectors, asset Management, venture capital, or listing or mergers and acquisitions, require specific attention. The strategic objectives of the companies result from those that have to do with the financial function and that result in the financial value of the companies and in their relationship both with customers and suppliers and with shareholders and the banking sector. As such, financial communication increasingly assumes an important role in the communication of companies, namely with the referred audiences, and even with the financial community, both local and worldwide.

This function is indispensable for groups listed on the stock exchange, which are subject to regular reporting obligations in terms of financial information. The transparency of the financial information added to the legal and legal constraints make this function very exposed to the outside of the company.

The latter is in charge of the financial image communicated to third parties and involves relations with the economic and financial press through the organization of press conferences and the publication of regular financial statements; the organization of “road shows”, meetings during which the Chairman of the Board of Directors presents the results and strategy to financial analysts in the main global financial markets; communication to the outside of all information of a financial or economic nature regarding the activity of the group or sector; the preparation and supervision of the report and accounts in close relationship with the external auditors; the preparation of financial communication around strategic operations: OPA, OPV, Emissions, Mergers, Acquisitions.

In partnership with an organization, the SayU creates and disseminates information, executes a corporate strategy and develops messages for a variety of internal and external purposes.


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