Congresses and exhibitions

Congresses and exhibitions

Congresses and exhibitions

Congresses and Exhibitions are still relevant, despite living in a context where digital seems to have become the basis of marketing strategy. Digital channels offer cost-effective and targeted means to reach key audiences. There is simply no limit to the opportunities for brands to engage with a wide range of audiences, in an increasingly personalized way.

But when it comes to interaction – the main ambition of modern marketing – we cannot ignore the power of face-to-face events to deliver genuine results.

Exhibitions are powerful “markets”. They represent a direct marketing channel that engages an active and highly motivated audience in face-to-face interaction. People who participate in these types of events choose to be present and want to relate to the products or services on display; they are involved in the buying cycle and have the authority to buy or influence the decision.

Usually aimed at a sector and the professionals involved or interested in it, these types of initiatives become a way of communicating to a perfectly oriented target market and creating brand awareness.

When a Congress or Exhibition is open to a broad and sometimes diverse segment of the public, a platform is created to promote the product or service to a wider group that may have little or no prior knowledge of the offer.

Depending on the type of business, these actions they can also be the ideal stage for conducting product tests and for obtaining general or industry opinion on the offer made available. Being involved in a face-to-face event offers the opportunity to branch out into the commerce and create a customer database of visitors.

The key to any face-to-face marketing strategy is preparation. There are countless details to be addressed, ranging from the stand design, the message to be used, the promotional material to be made available or the products or services to be presented.



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