Planning of Media Events

Planning of Media Events 

Planning of Media Events

An event deserves a dignified organization that values ​​those who organize and promote it. THE Planning of Media Events follows the same precept and aims to disseminate and streamline the communication of a company or institution with the different media.

Disseminating good content, of public interest, with the ideal of training and informing without submitting to the dictatorship of the agenda and simplifying generalization is what journalists are supposed to do after a Planning of Media Events, with the company or institution producing high quality content content, carefully advising and daring to surprise journalists, and consequently the media and the public, with more complex content, ensuring that the information about the company or institution transmitted and streamlined at the events is of quality and interest so that it reaches the consuming public.

From the program to the invitation, the announcement and dissemination, through the protocol and cattering, an event for the media, and others stakeholders, whether in a business or institutional context, deserves an organization that dignifies it and values ​​those who carry it out, promote it and disseminate it.

The different types of media and their respective platforms are paramount communication tools in a multidisciplinary strategy supported by complementary approaches. The creation and promotion of journalistic contents and selective approaches to media allows for a dissemination of information to a broad public or the contact with a sector-specific target through specialized media.

Implementing Marketing Communication actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services into perceptions about their attributes and positioning, the SayU enhances the development of awareness around the brand and the organization.


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