Media Training

Media Training

Media Training

Every day, business managers are faced with important media challenges, given the visibility and exposure of their organizations, to which it is important to give an effective response. In this sense, the Training and media training aims to provide participants with skills in relationship with medium, elaboration of key messages and simulation of media interviews.

A Media Training is one of the most important communication tools today, because it offers greater knowledge of the rules of the game behind the scenes of journalism, in order to prepare those who want to expose themselves in the media. communication.

In addition to oral communication, it is essential to know the language and formats of each medium to improve the relationship with journalists. Close and permanent contact with medium provides mutual benefits: on the one hand, it facilitates the dissemination of an organization's services and, on the other hand, medium fast and secure access to both decision-makers and employees working in an organization.

With Media Training, both those responsible for more responsibility and those with less decision-making power in an organization, will know what behavior they should behave towards a media professional, how to build and disseminate information, control the duration of an interview and, also, develop their own interlocution skills and to know how to deal and act before the medium in case of crisis.

The different types of media and their respective platforms are paramount communication tools in a multidisciplinary strategy supported by complementary approaches. The creation and promotion of journalistic contents and selective approaches to media allows for a dissemination of information to a broad public or the contact with a sector-specific target through specialized media.


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