Communities Management

Communities Management

Community Management is particularly in an environment where, constantly linked to screens and devices, the concern with the engagement and the interaction is increasingly present.

Often, the notion of disconnect between brands and the public is related to the lack of a community. An online community allows people to connect with brands, their employees and ambassadors and others stakeholders with similar ideas and needs who are passionate about a particular topic. This gives the audience a sense of belonging, where they can share experiences, resources and discuss topics they consider important. It also allows companies and brands to develop much more meaningful relationships with their customers, which can increase interaction and drive customer loyalty.

Companies that build communities are finding their customers where they already are – online. They are investing in online communities created for their customers, employees and fans – as part of a process called online community management.

While this may seem like a new concept, face-to-face communities have been around forever, and online communities began to form naturally with the emergence of the internet. Online communities as we know them today have their origins in online forums and social networks where a group of people with common interests could communicate.

The most innovative brands have realized how beneficial online communities can be and have started to build their own brand communities, where customers and ambassadors can discuss products and best practices, solicit help and share information. As the results of this type of strategy began to appear, communities began to popularize more widely.

Today, there are powerful solutions to facilitate the creation and management of online communities, allowing you to easily engage audiences throughout the offering lifecycle. Successful organizations use these communities to build stronger relationships with their customers. Online communities allow companies to take a broad approach to engaging their customers, allowing them, fans and employees to interact and actively interact.


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