Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Google AdWords or Google Ads is a platform paid advertising that falls under a marketing channel known as pay-per-click (PPC), where the advertiser pays per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad.

Google Ads is an effective way to drive qualified traffic, or suitable customers, to the brand when they are looking for products and services like the ones it offers. With Google Ads, you can increase website traffic, boost connections and increase store visits.

Google Ads or Google AdWords lets you create and share ads timely (through mobile devices and computers) with the target audience. This means that the business will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) at a time when ideal customers are searching for products and services like those it offers through Google Search or Google Maps. In this way, the target audience becomes possible when it makes sense for them to find the ad.

Over time, Google Ads can also help analyze and improve ads to reach more people so that the company can meet all of its paid campaign goals.

It doesn't matter the size of the company or the available resources, as you can customize the ads according to your available budget. The Google Ads tool gives you the opportunity to meet a monthly limit and even stop spending on advertising at any time.

Google is the most used search engine, receiving over 5 billion search queries a day, a resource used by people around the world to ask questions that are answered with a combination of paid ads and organic results. Not to mention that the Google Ads platform has been around for nearly two decades, giving it a track record in the paid advertising arena.

According to Google, advertisers earn up to eight times what they invest in a Google Ads campaign.


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