Corporative identity

Corporative identity

Corporative identity

Corporate Identity is the way an organization presents itself to the outside world. While the culture and internal values ​​are essential to shape the organization identity, it also acquires tangibility to the outside through definition and visual and branding.

Essentially, any communication or information in the interaction conveyed by a brand is part of its Corporate Identity. While logo design fits into corporate identity, the term goes far beyond this visual icon to also encompass elements such as text fonts, illustrations, color schemes, photographs and animations.

You can identify examples of Corporate Identity in everything from social media posts to billboard ads, employee uniforms and stationary, the packaging and own platforms.

When a company's visual elements are implemented correctly and consistently, they work in complementarity to create a corporate brand identity that is instantly recognizable and memorable.

Brand consistency provides increased control over the brand image, which, although formed by individual interactions with the organization, can be influenced, or at least impacted, by a strong Corporate Identity.

A Corporative identity it can only be built with a team aligned with the brand's positioning, mission, values, messages and personality. With this solid foundation, it becomes possible to develop a visual language that correctly reflects the brand.

These visual brand markers should be as strategic as they are creative. We are not talking about fixed and rigid brand elements, but about agile design elements, keeping the business relevant in all scenarios found in the market and in the face of ever-changing customers.

Furthermore, an organization's Corporate Identity cannot be considered inviolable and static today. For it to be strong it must be equally contemporary. To achieve this, current issues such as climate change or the promotion of diversity must be taken into account. A strong and positive Corporate Identity can only be guaranteed if the organization also acts internally in a modern and contemporary way. This dynamic must have an impact on areas that come together and establish together: corporate design must be constantly optimised, corporate communication deepened and corporate philosophy refined.


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