Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

O strategic planning contextualizes and defines the establishment of goals, the undertaking of actions, the mobilization of resources and the making of decisions with the objective. A well-defined strategic planning will articulate all the objectives and help to realize the viability of a business. This planning turns out to be an effort that leads to decision-making and actions that shape and guide a business. A well-defined strategic planning will articulate all objectives, whether in the short, medium or even long term. In addition, it will also help you understand whether or not a business will be successful.

Planning is a process of interrelated steps, which has several characteristics in order to achieve a hierarchical set of purposes that are believed to be positive for the organization. Right from the start it is a continuous and permanent process in time that aims to approach the future with the least possible risk. The first major purpose is to reflect on the general objectives (long term - the policies to be developed within the scope of the entity) and strategic (medium term - the best alternatives for the dissemination of the referred policies).

This planning provides inputs for strategic thinking, which in fact guides the formation of the strategy. The result is the organization's strategy, which includes a diagnosis of the environment and the competitive situation, a guiding policy on what the organization intends to accomplish, and the main initiatives or action plans to achieve the guiding policy.

Acting as the guaranty of increased notoriety and the creation of messages that display in a clear fashion the vision, values and positioning of a given organization in the market, SayU Consulting gives a voice to the organization’s conscience with marketing communication actions that aim to maintain its reputation.

In partnership with an organization, the SayU creates and disseminates information, executes a corporate strategy and develops messages for a variety of internal and external purposes.


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