Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content

Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content

Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content

The work of the journalist, or the communicator, and whoever is dedicated to editorial production, also an integral part of the communication marketing, is not limited to the research and writing of texts. Often, editorial work requires daily tasks that go far beyond the traditional skills of the professional writing and that are part of the Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content.

The calculation of the budget of a project or action, the presentation of a proposal or editorial grid or the planning of a project that involves several collaborators or different interlocutors are tasks that, escaping the traditional editorial skills, are often imposed on those who dedicates to writing.

Da Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content they are part of the calculation tools applicable to different scenarios and purposes, whether to work with data for journalistic and editorial articles, or to automate budget calculations, plan projects or schedule actions; presentation tools with the objective of "selling" an idea or a project and others that facilitate project management, in tasks such as coordinating employees, planning control, even tools dedicated to collaborative editorial production, which allow the production of content shared by several people, the review and annotation of the texts produced and version control.

These tools Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content aim to facilitate the life of professionals in writing, communication and also marketing, whenever they have to carry out this type of tasks, tasks that involve the production of informative content, whether within the scope of medium or organizations, generating the correlation with obtaining information, writing information materials and creating editorial products.

The different types of media and their respective platforms are communication tools par excellence in a multidisciplinary strategy and based on complementary approaches. The elaboration and dissemination of journalistic content and selective approaches to social media allow the massive dissemination of information to a wide audience or contact with a target sector through specialized publications.


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