Benefits Programs

Benefits Programs

Benefits Programs

Creating an Incentive Program is a good method for maintaining or increasing productivity, improving performance, commitment and involvement with the company's issues and challenges.

An Incentives program consists of a system of goals and rewards, aligned with the company's objectives, in order to recognize, encourage and reward employees and work teams that achieve a high level of performance. This practice can be applied in small, medium or large companies, whose main interest is to reinforce the importance of each of its collaborators for the organization.

Incentives can be financial and non-financial and it is important to remember that, for an Incentive Program to have results, it is necessary to establish clear communication, define possible goals to achieve, meet deadlines and have an active and involved management and leadership team. employees and company affairs.

Um Benefits Programs it is fundamental for any company that aims to demonstrate that it values ​​and recognizes the importance of its professionals. Among its main advantages are the attraction and retention of talents, the improvement of the company's results, the reduction ofturnover (staff turnover) and absenteeism or the improvement of the organizational climate. When an employee feels valued and is proud of the place where he works, he starts to have a much greater relationship of commitment and belonging.

Implementing Marketing Communication actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services into perceptions about their attributes and positioning, the SayU enhances the development of awareness around the brand and the organization. With the objective of retaining the current customer base, the strategy developed in this area builds a relationship with new customers and partners, becoming a complementary component to the organization's business strategy.


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