Corporate Responsibility Programs

Corporate Responsibility Programs

Corporate Responsibility Programs

When companies voluntarily adopt attitudes, behaviors and actions that promote the well-being of their internal and external audiences, it is called social responsibility. The concept, in this view, involves the benefit of the collectivity and the common good. There are several Social Responsibility Programs. There are several reasons why all companies should invest in Social Responsibility, such as the involvement of employees in projects and solidarity causes, increasing their motivation and contributing to the improvement of the organizational environment; the strengthening of your company's public image through its recognition as a socially conscious entity; and the development of corporate values ​​based on teamwork, through projects aimed at sustainability.

This is a voluntary practice, which should not be confused by actions imposed by the government or by external incentives, such as tax benefits. Social Responsibility Programs should not be confused with philanthropy or social assistance and should be understood as a continuous process of improving the company in relation to its employees. stakeholders. Most companies that adopt social responsibility programs result in more sustainable growth, benefits in their image and less propensity for litigation or legal problems. Social responsibility provides organizations with a better relationship with society in order to promote development based on the idea of triple bottom line, that is, leveraged on a tripod that environment, economy and society.

Acting as the guaranty of increased notoriety and the creation of messages that display in a clear fashion the vision, values and positioning of a given organization in the market, SayU Consulting gives a voice to the organization’s conscience with marketing communication actions that aim to maintain its reputation.

In partnership with an organization, the SayU creates and disseminates information, executes a corporate strategy and develops messages for a variety of internal and external purposes.


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