Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Affairs refers to the process of maintaining a favorable image and building beneficial relationships between an organization and the community, groups and people with whom it operates.

This achievement of a favorable image focuses on attracting the public's attention to activities, actions and initiatives with media relevance for the organization's stakeholders.

Public Affairs seeks promote organizations, products, services and brands. But the activities included in this axis also play an important role in identifying and building the relationship with influential individuals and groups, with responsibility for shaping the perceptions of the sector or market in which an organization operates.

These stakeholders can be individuals or groups with an interest in the organization's affairs, including shareholders, employees, partners and customers, but also managers and civil servants, responsible for local communities, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, charities, unions and the media.

The work of Public Affairs combines the establishment of communication actions with the public sector, the media, the management of issues on corporate and social responsibility, the dissemination of information and consultancy in strategic communication aimed at enhancing the organization's recognition, reach and reputation, finding spaces for understanding with stakeholders.

This area makes use of a set of tools, maintaining a channel of contact with journalists who regularly cover news about the sector; the publication of general information - annual reports, newsletters, articles and white papers – providing more detailed data on a topic of interest; identify and build relationships with influencers who help to form opinions in the market about the company and its offer.

When an organization is faced with a public emergency or crisis, Public Affairs plays an important role in the strategy and management of communication with various segments of the public, to mount an effective and appropriate response and minimize damage to its public image.


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