Editorial publications

Editorial publications

Editorial publications

Editorial publications, such as magazines, newsletters or brochures with a business focus, form an important part of an organization's marketing plan. Despite the growing popularity of online initiatives, physical documents continue to play an important role. Corporate magazines or newsletters are especially suitable for B2B companies that market complex products and services or organizations with an original offer yet to be presented to the market.

A corporate magazine is a strategy to consider. There is a vacuum in the publishing market: many free-distribution magazines have disappeared. Industry trade publications are restricting their distribution to subscribers and members only. This is an opportunity for a brand to stand out, driving community engagement, positioning itself as an industry expert, and reaching key audiences.

This type of publications it can be distributed in person, mailed or made available at initiatives and events. It's the convenience of being readable immediately and remaining more visible that makes them different from similar pieces in digital format.

There's something about a well-designed printed document that makes it a collectible item. Something that can be consulted later and that not only has to contain news about the business or information about products or services, but which can and should also be visually stimulating.

The look and feel of a publication to a reader is an important part of your marketing strategy. A great design that catches attention, presents the written content properly and fits the branding from the company can help prospects and other stakeholders to have a clear idea of ​​the brand.

The choice of materials is also an important consideration in building a brand impression. For example, high quality paper fits perfectly into the spirit of a luxury brand. Another issue is related to sustainability. Widespread public opinion about climate change has permanently changed, which has made the use of eco-friendly materials vital for stakeholders.

The emergence of digital magazines, however, opened up this tactic to smaller companies with smaller marketing budgets.



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