With the advent and massification of the Internet and thanks to the evolution of new communication technologies, video creation and production has a great and growing importance in the dissemination of companies and brands, and their products and services. These videos are very effective, as long as they are short in duration, and can be viewed at any time and in any place, besides the fact that their diffusion has low costs, especially when compared to television diffusion.

The trend is for video production to gain more and more relevance in the marketing strategies carried out by companies. Online marketing has progressively generated more return on investment, as well as reaching more and more audiences. Moreover, it has the great advantage that videos can be shared very easily, which means that they can quickly spread and become viral.

There are numerous different formats, resources, and strategic actions that can be used to promote a brand, idea, concept, product, or service. Video production is one of the most widely used, because of its ability to convey a message to its viewers with precision. A video production offers a great return on investment, since the lifespan of this production can be very long, and the versatility allowed by this option is another major plus.

Image and video are communication tools par excellence, with various application possibilities that allow unique approaches and original solutions to the multiple challenges of an effective first contact with the public. Simultaneously SayU creates concepts and visual elements to make a space a reflection of an organization.

A SayU produces audiovisual pieces about an organization, creating content that enables a different and innovative contact compared to more traditional communication tools. At the same time, it uses social networks and digital applications to present the activity developed by the organization and as a support for commercial contact.





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