In order to offer a wider response to the organizations that contact us, in national and international markets, and trying to offer highly personalized and globally scaled solutions, we integrate EVOKE PR, a network of international consultancy firms specialized in PR and B2B marketing.

EVOKE PR Network differentiates itself for bringing the knowledge of their local markets to their clients in a global scale. All their associates are specialized in Communication working primarily on B2B, and they are focused in fulfilling and exceed their clients’ expectations.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford

EVOKE PR partners offer made to measure solutions, sustaining their activity in recognized principles and according to the higher professional standards, providing their clients with a wide range of Marketing and Communication services characterized by innovation and the market’s best practices.

The network – which is located in the UK, Greece, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, USA, Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Portugal, has the main goal of helping its clients achieve success in an intensely competitive global market.

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