To each challenge designs solutions that contribute to add value to brands and endow them with Brand Equity. Its intervention is developed in surgical, personalized, and totally integrated fashion.

Its intervention methodology uses communication tools as a puzzle, in which each piece has a place where it fits perfectly. Communicating well entails creating an offer that combines different weapons and ammunition suitable for brands to win the positioning battle.

By designing marketing and communication strategies geared towards engagement and proximity, in person or at a distance, and for wider support actions, creates unique moments to celebrate achievements, product or service promotion, and exhibition and promotion of an organization. Supports an organization’s commercial, marketing, communication and operations department, tailoring strategies that boost the team’s efficiency and sales capability.

 We do > pr

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”

SayU Consulting develops and implements communication marketing programs supported in creative and innovative concepts to distinguish an organization. 

By creating opportunities for a personal release of information, SayU aides an organization’s in projecting its own voice, in expressing uniquely a speech fitted to its goals and in assuring that its message reaches the desired audience.

More than generating news, wisdom is centred in designing stories that engage the public. More than articles about the organization, the secret lies in designing strategies to obtain notoriety.

Specific objectives and distinct segments of the public require the use of adequate communication platforms that ensure the message’s efficacy, combine functional approaches and guaranty effective results.



Acting as the guaranty of increased notoriety and the creation of messages that display in a clear fashion the vision, values and positioning of a given organization in the market, SayU Consulting gives a voice to the organization’s conscience with marketing communication actions that aim to maintain its reputation.
It supports in the creation and propagation of information, in the execution of a corporate strategy and the development of messages towards a variety of internal and external goals.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Employer Branding
  • B2B Strategies
  • B2C Strategies
  • Corporate Responsibility Programs
  • Public Affairs
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Financial Communication



By implementing Communication Marketing actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services and the perception regarding their attributes and positioning.
SayU enhances de development of awareness around the brand or organization. With the goal of retaining current clients, the strategy to be developed in this context creates a relationship with new clients and partners, becoming an additional element to the organization’s business strategy.

  • Product Launches
  • Brand Activation Campaigns
  • Call To Action Campaigns
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Benefits Programs



The different types of media and their respective platforms are paramount communication tools in a multidisciplinary strategy supported by complementary approaches. The creation and promotion of journalistic contents and selective approaches to media allows for a dissemination of information to a broad public or the contact with a sector-specific target through specialized media.

  • Managing the Relationship with Journalists and Media
  • Media Communication Plan
  • Media Agenda
  • Planning of Media Events
  • Evaluation of Media Exposure (ROI)
  • Creation of Journalistic and Editorial content
  • Corporate Publications
  • Media Training
  • Clipping



The action SayU develops in the context of Public Affairs have the goal of managing the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. Explaining the policies and vision of the organization through the subjects pertaining to its activity, the actions have an impact on the way it conducts its business and in the development of the industry as a whole.



SayU applies strategies, endowed with foresight and readiness and managing the answer to be put into practice, capable of helping the organization to lead with negative and unforeseen challenges. A crisis situation and its management require that decisions are made swiftly in order to limit the damage to the organization and its reputation.

 We do > events

“Find the right people then find the right solution together.”



SayU plans and develops direct contact opportunities with clients and partners, reinforcing the relationship with employees and approach to the general public, implementing actions with distinct purposes, supported by adequate approaches and tools to specified goals.

By designing face-to-face communication strategies that enable engagement and proximity experiences and act as a support to communication actions in a wider context, SayU creates unique and customized moments for the celebration of an organization’s milestones, products and services promotion campaigns and the advertising of relevant subjects in its activity.

It delivers turnkey events (from conception to implementation), developing concepts to make of each occasion an impacting and memorable action.



SayU develops actions intended to allow the consumer to experience a brand, that differentiate from traditional advertising strategies by enabling one’s immersion in the product or service using as many senses as possible.
The goal is to create a memorable and emotional link between the consumer and the brand in order to promote loyalty and influence the purchase or use decision.


and Sales Force

SayU implements support plans for the commercial area in an organization, designing strategies to enhance the efficacy of internal teams and sales capacibility.
Departing from a previously and measurable objective, we promote actions to increase the level of motivation and compromise from employees, with structured benefits and evaluation solutions.


and launches

The success of a given operation rests on being able to create relationships in the marketplace with clients, investors and partners. Through planned and integrated initiatives aimed at generating interest, positive answers and promotion, SayU seeks the recipients of each message. The necessity to reach the defined public requires leadership in the organization to make this an effective relationship.



SayU plans and implements contact and proximity moments to employees, partners clients and prospects in diverse formats and to distinct audiences, providing a dynamic and customized promotion of information, adequate to the goal of the event to be developed and that allows for the organization’s objectives.


and exhibitions

By creating promotion opportunities of information in the first person, SayU helps organizations to project their own voice and to spread their message to a wider audience through a direct contact with critical people at the same time it creates concepts and visual elements in order to create a space as the reflection of an organization and to express in a novel way a message linked to its goals.

 We do > creativity
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


Current communication is dynamic and visual and the platforms that make the most of these qualities are increasingly accessible. Visual identity becomes a differentiating factor and SayU ensures that more than differentiating itself an organization becomes distinguished.

To this end, we develop corporate branding and rebranding, starting from the history, values, culture, vision and mission of an organization in order to create a unique and distinct identity.



Corporate Identity, if perceived as a series of visual elements that identify the organization, as a place in a brand’s promotion and recognition. More than simply a logo identifying the organization, it is a central part of its strategy.
At the core of an organization, made up by its history, values, mission, vision, people, culture and strategy, Corporate Identity helps to determine an organization’s positioning regarding its market and competition.



Through tools that include magazines, studies and reports stemming from original knowledge made possible by the experience and know-how of an organization’s employees, SayU designs the planning, production and organization of corporate publications, incorporating this information in a way to clearly display an organization’s vision and opinion, decoding its past, present and expected future.



As a complementary element in the goal of boosting business and contacting the public with a less intrusive character, Promotional Material is a way of promoting a brand with original possibilities. An organization’s brand or the visual identification and information about its products and services helps bring about a different reality when applied to diverse objects.



SayU develops a concept and copy for brochures, informative flyers and corporate newsletters, acknowledging the offer provided, creating specific approaches in order for the public achieve a given action, enabling the promotion of information in a simplified way, giving a voice to the organization through a direct channel to an identified recipient.
The information regarding the company, its offer and activity gets to the client, prospect and employee unobstructed.


Events and Exibhitions 

Each organization’s event and initiative is a promotion opportunity and the possibility for an increased reach due to the dynamic nature of an event. SayU creates opportunities for the information about an organization’s activity to be articulated as a differentiated contact and the basis for the brand’s exposure and promotion.



SayU produces audiovisual materials about and organization’s activity, creating content that enable a differentiated contact in opposition to traditional communication tools and using social media platforms and new digital applications as a distribution channel of video information to present news about an organization’s activity and a support to the commercial contact promoted among prospects.

 We do > digital

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what customers tell each other it is.”


SayU creates coherent solutions to boost brands and organizations online and social media.

The tolls we provide, which go beyond creating content, have the goal of achieving notoriety in a particular segment of an informed and demanding public.

Our solutions are the guarantee of an increased degree of awareness regarding the brand or organization and its offer. Acting as a source of information they constitute a differentiated contact opportunity and function either in parallel with traditional channels or as focused tools.

In a scenario in which being online is to be invisible to the public and the marketplace, SayU guaranties visibility and notoriety beyond traditional communication.



SayU develops and implements corporate websites that are the basis for the online presence and a brand’s or organization’s communication, pinpointing its purpose, offer and positioning.
Websites are platforms for promoting original information and documentation, boost products and services reach and are the starting point for a sound online strategy.

  • Websites, Portals and Web Applications
  • Web Interface Design
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Phones Apps
  • Games
  • Video
  • Backoffice Programming and Databases
  • Web hosting, Registry and Domain Management
  • Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • SEO



In a scenario of communication transformation, SayU applies digital tools and online media that leverage the interaction with the public in a dynamic, immediate and reciprocal alternative to traditional media.
The solutions provided allow us to create original, directed and continuous content and have the complementary purpose of widening the public you are able to reach and boost client loyalty.es.

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Results Evaluation Tools
  • Communities Management
  • Enhance Social Media Presence
  • Creation and Development of Shareable Content



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