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Website Privacy Policy

Any content or personal data that are sent to the say-u.pt website is subject to the say-u.pt Privacy Policy.  

Accuracy, integrity, and information temporality

Even though we use every means at our disposal to assure the information integrity, we do not assume, in any case, the responsibility if the information is not exact or complete.

Any modification that you make to this web page content will be at your own expense and risk, making you, therefore, responsible for those changes.

Data transmission

Any content or personal data communication that you may send us through electronic mail, or any other form, that contains data, questions, commentaries, suggestions or similar, will be treated as non-confidential data and without property rights.

Any information that you send us or that you place in our website becomes say-u.pt property and may be used in any circumstance, including the disclosure, reproduction, transmission, publication, diffusion and content placement in the web. say-u.pt is totally free to use, to any purpose that it deems suitable (including, but not limited to, development, production, publicity and product marketing), the ideas, creative work, inventions, development, suggestion, and general concepts that are present in any communication that you send us. The use of these contents is exempted of monetary compensation to the part that made the information available.

When you submit information in the say-u.pt website, you assure, at the same time, that the contents in it are your responsibility and are not defamatory, and that the use by say-u.pt will not violate any third-party rights, nor the applicable legislation. Say-u.pt is not obligated to use the information made available.

Intellectual Property Rights   

® Registered trademark by say-u.pt. All rights reserved.

Every copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the texts, images and other general content, shared in this website, are say-u.pt property or used by it with the permission of the corresponding owner.

You are authorized to navigate, reproduce parts of the contents through printing or downloading to a hard drive, with purpose sharing with others. This situation is only allowed if it respects the copyright and other intellectual property rights, and if the brand described above is mentioned in those reproductions. A total or partial reproduction with commercial goals is forbidden, as well as an alteration and incorporation in any other article, publication, or website.

None of the content of this website may be interpreted as a license concession, authorization or right to use any registered trademark mentioned. The incorrect or abusive use or utilization of the brand or any other contents of this website is strictly forbidden, except the specified form envisaged in this Terms and Conditions. The say-u.pt will make use of every legal mechanism to protect and reinforce its intellectual property rights.   

Access to other website links

In the say-u.pt website you may find links to access other websites property of third parties. Therefore, it will not be accepted by say-u.pt any responsibility regarding the contents, accuracy, credibility, and functionality of the third party’s websites. The provision of such links is done in good faith, not being able the say-u.pt to be accountable by the modifications that are made in those websites.

We advise reading all the legal information and Privacy Policies in all the websites you visit.  

Warranties and Responsibility Renunciation

The way you use this website and the contents in it is your exclusive risk and responsibility.


This website is made available with the content and information that are presently in it. Say-u.pt does not offer any kind of assurance, including warranties and commitments that the content of the web page is complete, that the access to it is continuous and error free, and that is does not viruses. It does not ensure that the website is safe, that any advice or opinion from say-u.pt acquired through this website is totally reliable, wherefore say-u.pt does not assume any commitment or assurance regarding the mentioned aspects.

It is important to take in consideration that, in some jurisdictions, it is possible that exclusions of implied warranties may not be admissible, wherefore some of these exclusions may not be applicable.

The say-u.pt reserves itself the right to, at any moment and without previous notice, restrict, suspend, and/or cancel the access to the website or parts of it and to any feature in this webpage.


The say-u.pt and/or any entity involved in this website creation, production and development process will not be responsible, in any case, for direct and/or indirect damage, fortuitous, material and/or immaterial, for emerging damages or ceasing profits, or any other damages and/or costs, resulting from the access, use or inability to use, from the modification of this website content, from any other website that is accessed through a link existing in this website, caused by any measure we may adopt, or not adopt, as a consequence of an electronic message you may have sent us.

Say-u.pt does not assume any kind of responsibility for losses and/or damages caused by viruses that may affect your computer, due to the access, use or download of this website contents. If you chose to download contents from this website you will do it at your own expense and risk.

Thus, the user declares it renounces, flatly, to any complaint against say-u.pt and its responsible people that may come from the use and access to this webpage.

Forbidden activities

Any activities regarded by say-u.pt activities as inappropriate and/or that are susceptible of being illegal accordingly to the applicable to this webpage are interdict, including, but not limited to:

Any act that may constitute a privacy violation (including sending to this website private information without the consent of the person in question) or from any other legal rights of physical people

The use of this website to slander and/or revile say-u.pt, its collaborators, and other physical and/or collective, or to act to discredit the say-u.pt reputation

Sending to this website flies that contain viruses that may contain damages to the say-u.pt or physical people properties

To place and transmit to this website any unauthorized content, including, but not limited to, contents that cause, in our understanding, damage or losses, or, yet, that breach the say-u.pt or third parties security systems, contents that are defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or that present themselves as contents that may be susceptible of being qualified as illegal.  

Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The content and information of say-u.pt contained in this webpage are solely made available to the users in Portugal. Say-u.pt does not assume that the content and information are appropriate or available in other countries.

The user of this page and say-u.pt accept without any reservations that any kind of dispute or litigation that results from using this webpage will be ruled by the Portuguese law, stipulating as competent, with express renunciation to any other, the jurisdiction of Oeiras county, Portugal.


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Legal updates

We reserve ourselves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Please visit this page regularly to review the information contained in the website and possible new information.

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