“In the epicentre of the communication transformation, we have become the benchmark consultant regarding helping brands and organizations connect with its stakeholders effectively.

Over the last ten years we placed the Integrated Marketing Communication in the heart of reputation gain. We built up innovative methodologies and implemented disruptive strategies, with a 10 degrees integrated vision, to help brands and organizations become noticed and relevant.

 Over the next decade we know we will continue to give voice to the connections that brands and organizations must know how to nurture. The communication formula may look difficult, but it is simple: relevance + authenticity + impact.

In SayU we want to be the energy that brings about meaning and spreads the voice of brands and organizations.”

Marta Gonçalves

Marta Gonçalves


We are

SayU was born in 2009 with a clearly defined goal: to enhance brands’ and organizations’ Reputation through the talent of our consultants team and the operationalization of an innovative methodology, which translate in efficient and effective Marketing Communication tools.

Ten years on we are proud of our journey, the goals we have achieved and the relationships we have created with our stakeholders.


We do

We exist with a commitment to optimize the business development of our Clients through personalized Marketing Communication strategies. In order to do so, we design customized tools, we create innovative concepts and messages and promote impacting actions.

We operate in an integrated manner in the areas of Public Relations, Creativity, Events and Digital.


we commit

We combine a comprehensive offer, market experience and team expertise in a highly personalized and customized answer to presented challenges.


Taking the opposite route, taking advantage of the skills already acquired as a professional, Marta Gonçalves, SayU's managing partner, contributes with the technical knowledge in the areas of marketing and communication at Médicos no Mundo. “I provide advice to the board in matters...

Create campaign value for long-term strategy

Creating Value 2022-2026 “Portugal Agora” presents the “Creating Value 2022-2026” agenda to contribute to the strategic debate in line with the next government cycle. Document, presented to political parties in these campaign weeks, points out priorities and...

Mazars leadership grows with the inclusion of new Partners and Directors

Mazars' leadership team in Portugal includes seven new members. Appointments include a new international Partner, two Directors and four local Partners. Decision in line with the strategy of strengthening the organization's leadership in Portugal, enhancing skills and...

Communication in a global business strategy

The scenario we have been living with in the last year, which few could have considered in their strategic planning, surprised companies and forced them to adapt to ensure their survival. To what extent does Communication play a role in this transformation and...

Enhance the connection with stakeholders

Connecting with Stakeholders In 2022, and for years to come, marketers are expected to be challenged to face an era of unintended consequences. As we faced the challenges of the last few months, there were several expectations and predictions not...

Embracing the Customer Era

Customer Age What do we understand by “Customer Age”? This term describes the latest in a series of changes that shape the business environment. The Production Era (1900 to 1960) was sustained in companies such as Boeing and Ford, the Information Age (1990 to 2010)...

Innovate in the approach to the market

Digital transformation The digital transformation, associated with disruption and uncertainty, has had a significant impact on the conduct of marketing in the most recent period. Marketers are required to be able to leverage approaches that prioritize...

We are all “digital”. And now?

Digital destiny The last year has dramatically accelerated the “digital destiny” of communication marketers. Now, a number of trends promise to expand organizational responsibility and set new demands on everyone involved in the process...

Mazars Appoints New International Partner for Financial Services Area

Pedro Jesus reinforces Mazars' executive team in Portugal as an international partner. Shares responsibility for managing the Financial Services area – Audit and Assurance services. Experience and expertise are an asset to respond to new...

B2B can also be unicorns

B2B Unicorns The Business to Business (B2B) context has shown continuous expansion and innovation over recent years, as the offer of new types of products and services designed for this specific dimension of business grows. An ambition that if...

The blog got its inspiration form the movie of the same name (which illustrates with precision how communication unfolds) and is SayU Teams’s primary communication tool. Here we highlight innovation, trends and practices in the marketing communication areas. A current reading to all those interested in these subjects.

Guided by results, in SayU Consulting we aim to answer the challenges/diagnosis with an integrated communication offer that works communication concepts of high reputational and commercial impact. In order to better assess our experience, please consult our portfolio and same case studies. portfolio and some case studies.


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