“In the epicentre of the communication transformation, we have become the benchmark consultant regarding helping brands and organizations connect with its stakeholders effectively.

Over the last ten years we placed the Integrated Marketing Communication in the heart of reputation gain. We built up innovative methodologies and implemented disruptive strategies, with a 10 degrees integrated vision, to help brands and organizations become noticed and relevant.

 Over the next decade we know we will continue to give voice to the connections that brands and organizations must know how to nurture. The communication formula may look difficult, but it is simple: relevance + authenticity + impact.

In SayU we want to be the energy that brings about meaning and spreads the voice of brands and organizations.”

Marta Gonçalves

Marta Gonçalves


We are

SayU was born in 2009 with a clearly defined goal: to enhance brands’ and organizations’ Reputation through the talent of our consultants team and the operationalization of an innovative methodology, which translate in efficient and effective Marketing Communication tools.

Ten years on we are proud of our journey, the goals we have achieved and the relationships we have created with our stakeholders.


We do

We exist with a commitment to optimize the business development of our Clients through personalized Marketing Communication strategies. In order to do so, we design customized tools, we create innovative concepts and messages and promote impacting actions.

We operate in an integrated manner in the areas of Public Relations, Creativity, Events and Digital.


we commit

We combine a comprehensive offer, market experience and team expertise in a highly personalized and customized answer to presented challenges.

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The migration to digital was intensified with the interruption of contact brought about by the pandemic. In a context where digital is here to stay, how will this trend relate to the need for face-to-face contact and what exactly does it mean for a strategy to be...


Winners of the entrepreneurship competition Banco Montepio Acredita Portugal were presented at a Gala held last weekend. The 10.620st edition of the Contest featured the submission of XNUMX business ideas. Initiative happened for the first time in the north, with...

'Sustainable finance policy tracker', created by Mazars and OMFIF, provides clarity to global progress in sustainability regulation

Online tool helps financial institutions and policy makers learn what regulators are doing globally to mitigate climate risk Tracker and interactive map covers 14 topics related to financial sustainability policy...

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The impact of the pandemic revealed weaknesses and forced not only to show, but to appear resilience. The post-pandemic crisis environment will require more transparency. It will be essential that organizations project their reputation and consolidate their relationships with all...


Winners of the BaAnco Montepio Acredita Portugal edition announced on October 9th. The 11th edition of the Banco Montepio Acredita Portugal competition featured the submission of 10.620 business ideas. Initiative takes place for the first time in the north, with the support of the City Council...

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Marca Portugal In mid-September aicep organized a conference on the Marca Portugal with the aim of understanding how the country can distinguish itself and develop a long-term strategy for this management. The challenge is to work on the reputation that differentiates the...

The role of B2B companies

B2B Companies The role in society and the business dynamics of B2B companies, namely exporters, are unquestionably unique and the current moment presents new challenges, namely in terms of managing the relationship with customers and other stakeholders, as well...

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Purpose and Content The future of business starts at the forefront. And the front line is diversity. Diversity of content and purpose. Purpose brands grow twice as fast as others. And the challenge, and the purpose, for Marketing,...

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MKT&COMM The dynamics of management, marketing and communication and public relations intermingle, and often overlap, in the current uncertainty of the economy and the future of work. However, there is one thing that seems certain: the Purpose of a...

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Welcome to SayU Consulting's first edition of Say Comm space. The global business landscape has changed. Regardless of the type and size of an organization, the vision of the future and the strategy to fulfill it must necessarily be different. O...

The blog got its inspiration form the movie of the same name (which illustrates with precision how communication unfolds) and is SayU Teams’s primary communication tool. Here we highlight innovation, trends and practices in the marketing communication areas. A current reading to all those interested in these subjects.

Guided by results, in SayU Consulting we aim to answer the challenges/diagnosis with an integrated communication offer that works communication concepts of high reputational and commercial impact. In order to better assess our experience, please consult our portfolio and same case studies. portfolio and some case studies.


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