We support brands, companies / organizations and people to walk the path of Notoriety and Reputation. For each challenge we design solutions that contribute to adding value and Brand Equity to brands. We act in a surgical, personalized and fully integrated way.

 Communicating well means combining the best weapons and ammunition for brands to win the positioning battle. We look at communication tools as a puzzle, in which each piece has a place where it fits perfectly. 

We support the commercial, marketing, communication or operational areas, designing strategies and implementing plans to enhance operational efficiency and business results.


"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers."

We help brands and organizations project their voice, express stories aligned with business objectives and get messages to relevant audiences.

More than generating news value, wisdom lies in telling stories that engage audiences. More than media opportunities for the organization, the key is to design strategies to gain reputation and notoriety.

We start from a robust scenario methodology and concrete objectives that impact different audiences, to design strategies that combine platforms, channels and the most appropriate communication tools, which ensure the effectiveness of messages and combine functional approaches to achieve effective results.

We develop and implement marketing communications programs supported by creative and innovative concepts to differentiate brands, companies, organizations and their leaders.


"Find the right people then find the right solution together."

We plan and conduct opportunities and experiences of contact with relevant stakeholders, strengthening the relationship with employees, customers, partners and approaching the general public, making initiatives with different purposes a reality, supported by approaches and tools appropriate to the objective.

Through the construction of engagement and proximity experiences, we create unique and personalized moments for the celebration of relevant milestones of brands and organizations, product and service activation and promotion campaigns, sales support initiatives, networking programs and actions that impact the media agenda and its actors.

We deliver turnkey events (from conception to operationalization), developing concepts so that each initiative is configured as an impactful and memorable action.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Today's communication is impactful, dynamic and visual. Visual identity becomes a critical success factor and SayU's multisiciplinary team ensures that more than differentiating itself, a brand, organization, campaign or leader is distinguished. 

We build on an organization's history, values, culture, vision and mission to create a unique and distinct identity.

Our portfolio speaks for us.


"A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is - it is what customers tell each other it is."

SayU Consulting builds coherent solutions to leverage brands and organizations on the web, online media and social networks.

The tools made available, which go beyond the creation of content, aim to gain notoriety with a segment of the public that is informed and demanding.

SayU Consulting's solutions are a guarantee of an increased degree of awareness around the brand or organization and its offer.

Acting as an information source, they constitute a differentiated contact opportunity and work in parallel with traditional channels or as unique tools with a focused character.

In a scenario where not being online is synonymous with being invisible to the public and the market, SayU Consulting ensures visibility and notoriety beyond traditional communication.



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