The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has brought to light a world that can be described under the acronym – VUCA(H). Companies were surprised by a scenario that few, if any, had considered in their strategic planning. This event forced nations, markets, organizations, families and individuals to unexpectedly and suddenly slow down and rethink their purpose.

It is in this context that, in 2020, the project "Business-to-Business: Beyond Business Communication (B2B-BBC)”, which aims to understand, post-pandemic, the role of communication in the way national B2B companies and exporters involve their customers stakeholders, a subject that until today little or nothing has been explored, either in the academy or in the communication consultancy market.

The Post-Covid world will demand greater transparency and more trust, making it essential for national B2B export companies, which develop their activity in such different and diverse markets, to increase their reputation and consolidate their relationships with all agents in the production chain , from the supplier (supplier/provider) to the customer (buyer), including all other interested parties, such as employees, partners, regulatory bodies or governments.

The InterComm Report B2B – “Communication Trends in Global Businesses” was carried out in 2020 and presented in 2021. The second stage of this project – #TheWayForward 22 » 23 – is a Update The work already carried out aims to understand what has changed, what has remained and what are the future perspectives in terms of the role of Communication in building and managing relationships with stakeholders.


2020 » 2021





2022 » 2023

Research Team:

The B2B-BBC project results from a partnership between a research team from the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, from the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (ESCS-IPL) and SayU Consulting, the only member in Portugal of the EVOKE Network, which has as mission to share knowledge between agencies and consultants focused on the communication of B2B companies.

By presenting the project as a collaborative effort between the various partners involved, it is intended, in the wake of an applied investigation, to start from a diagnosis and identification of needs regarding the role of communication in the way in which national B2B and exporting companies engage stakeholders.


  • Knowing how national exporting B2B companies understand the role of communication in engaging their stakeholders
  • Conduct a diagnosis on how communication management is carried out in national B2B export companies in Portugal
  • Train national exporting B2B companies to efficiently manage their communication, as an element of the organization that can contribute to the achievement of their goals
  • Understand how companies build their reputation, how they enhance their relationships with suppliers / buyers and attract new customers


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