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Jun 1, 2017

7 steps to outline a successful communication strategy


7 steps to outline a successful communication strategy

Increasingly, communication is key to the success of organizations.

7 steps to outline a successful communication strategy
One of the reasons why we are experiencing a market where communication actions are carried out without an anchor strategy, i.e. without a strategic plan with a beginning, middle and end, is precisely the lack of value placed on the ability of Public Relations and the implementation of a good communication strategy. And this takes time.

But to start designing a good communication strategy, you need to take the following aspects into account:

  1. Draw up a diagnosis:

  • To the Market
  • To Customers
  • Competition
  • Products
  • Sales Force
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Company structure (history, values, mission, strategic partners, business vision, future planning)

It is very important to carry out a detailed analysis of all the internal and external variables that are in some way associated with the communication of your company or brand. This will help you define the main thrust of your strategy.

2. Define the Targets

Define who your potential customers are (those who already buy the product or service), who the initiators are (the people who can start the purchasing decision process, even if they don't make the final decision).

Also define who the influencers are (the opinion leaders who have a direct influence on the purchasing decision process) and it is also important to define the segment, the size of the targets and the goals to be achieved.

3. Define the Objectives

Bear in mind that the objectives of the communication, and of the actions you are going to implement afterwards, must be aligned and in line with the company's overall strategy.

4. Define the tools you want to use

Define which tools are relevant to your strategy and its effective implementation. You have Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sponsorship, Merchandising, Public Relations and others at your disposal.

5. Determine the budget

To calculate the costs of your strategy, it's important to consider production and administrative costs, as well as support costs (insertion of advertisements in the press, television, online media, etc.).

6. Create a creative and effective strategy

Turn to a specialized communications agency, such as Say U Consulting, to establish the lines of communication, create the message and define the media to be used.

7. Implement and evaluate

Implementation and evaluation must go hand in hand. In order to understand whether an action or strategy has been effective, you must take into account the results of its evaluation, so that you can improve in the future. Bear in mind that a good communication strategy should have SMART objectives: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.


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