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May 2, 2018

A model for communicating startups

A model for communicating startups

A model for communicating startups


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Acredita Portugal. The time has come to rethink the positioning of the association, which is responsible for the Montepio Acredita Portugal entrepreneurship competition. This is the largest initiative of its kind in Portugal and the second largest in the world.

To this end, the Say U Consulting applied its original "GO360º>PR4SMEs" communication model to the Acredita Portugal brand. In this way, it applied a strategy aimed at boosting the association's scope of action in supporting entrepreneurship and its visibility in the eyes of the public. stakeholders in this context.

The consultant's experience as a Believe in Portugal in the last five years served as the basis for the intervention. At the same time, it helped in publicizing the initiative and supporting the definition of communication strategies for the finalist projects.

The response implemented by Say U Consulting takes shape through the "GO360°" offer. This is an integrated solution that makes use of the consulting firm's different areas of activity - Creativity, Events, Press e Web. Its application is aimed at designing "Think big, act small" marketing communication strategies. It is also dedicated to building niche campaigns. It does this through a perfect match between creativity, size, stage of development and available resources.

Experience and know-how in dealing with the creation of effective communication strategies for new projects became clear indicators of the need to develop responses adapted to this reality. It was these elements that gave shape to "GO360º". This model was developed by Say U to be applied to the design of business communication strategies Startup. With this starting point now closer to the size and orientation of this type of organization, it becomes easier to design and implement structured plans.

As a platform for fostering a culture of possibility to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the Portuguese population, the competition rewards ideas and projects in various economic and social sectors and areas. Over its last seven editions, the Acredita Portugal Entrepreneurship Competition has supported 69,182 business projects.



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