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Feb 21, 2019

AGAP2IT regained 4th place in the "Excellence Index" study

AGAP2IT regained 4th place in the "Excellence Index" study


agap2IT regained 4th place among the Large companies in the "Index of Excellence" study, an initiative in which around two hundred organizations participate and which is designed to reward those who invest the most in the development and satisfaction of their employees.

Lisbon, February 21st, 2019 - For the second time in a row, agap2IT won 4th place in the category of Large companies in the 3rd edition of the "Excellence Index" study. The winners of the initiative, which aims to analyse the organizational climate and human capital development and is carried out by Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, in partnership with Human Resources Portugal, Executive Digest and INDEG-ISCTE, were announced at a ceremony held yesterday in Lisbon.

agap2IT has been awarded for the third time as a company with excellent human resources practices, as many as there have been in the "Index of Excellence" study. Its commitment to training and valuing its employees and its strong international presence were the main reasons why the consultancy was once again ranked in the Top 5 of the initiative, competing with around 200 companies.

For Filipe Esteves, Managing Director of agap2IT, "Talent promotion is one of the drivers of agap2IT's global strategy. We believe that only by strengthening the skills and know-how of our employees is it possible to build a differentiating and appealing organization. It is also essential to create a relationship of proximity, support and recognition with our employees. Obviously, it is essential to invest in a good recruitment process, but it is also fundamental to provide for the individual development of each member of the organization. Investing in human capital is crucial in a competitive context and in the quest for a leading position, both nationally and internationally.".

The consultancy integrates technical training and personal development as central tools in its processes, to the extent that skills and knowledge, geared towards developing solutions, become factors of competitiveness. For several years now, this strategy has involved investing heavily in the hours and quality of training provided to employees and investing in a Pearson Vue certification exam center.

With the aim of identifying talent, agap2IT Academy began its activity at the end of 2013, achieving its goal of becoming a platform for boosting the experience and knowledge of young IT graduates. Its goal is to boost the identification and selection of talent, providing the necessary skills for integration into consultancy projects.

The international dimension of the consultancy is also considered an asset by the professionals in the organization, allowing increased mobility and the ability to develop a career with an international slant and contact with other markets.



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