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Jul 2, 2020

Social media is not just for products

B2B | The changing landscape


Social networks are no longer the exclusive domain of B2C companies. The B2B landscape is changing, especially for brands that deal with sophisticated and knowledgeable customers. These companies and organizations are under pressure to differentiate their brand communication in order to reach the desired audience more efficiently and effectively.

By using social media, B2B brands can establish a distinctive voice and a dedicated community of followers. More importantly, social media helps B2B companies earn the trust of their audience and get them to use their services.

The B2B market is changing, starting with customer demographics. With a younger audience than ever, and with purchasing power, B2B communication is increasingly digital. B2B companies and organizations can benefit greatly from being active on a wide range of social platforms. According to ThinkWithGoogle, 81% of millennials have a a say in decisions of companies. And social networks may have a role to play in reaching the younger, more "empowered" business customer.

The first step for many B2B brands is to know where to find their business customers. This requires analyzing data and information to learn on which social networks the prospects get involved, where site visitors learn about a business, what kind of content works best and whether they are saying anything about a brand or sector.

Data alone doesn't provide all the answers. But asking the right questions to gather the information does. For example, asking how people watch the news - on their phones, TV or otherwise - can reveal a lot about where and how to focus digital marketing efforts.

How can B2B brands take full advantage of social media? The first step is to understand the best environment for sharing content. It's essential to be community-oriented. Sharing content in an educational and service-oriented tone, rather than sales-oriented, will help build trust with the audience.

Unique, "inspirational" content and stories that showcase a brand's personality can nurture a community of followers and keep a B2B company relevant and in the spotlight. top-of-mind.

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