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Apr 13, 2023

GO>360 - PR4ONG: "Communicating Facing New Challenges in the Third Sector


GO>360 - PR4ONG | Enabling Communication in the Third Sector

What are the new challenges for the Third Sector?

The challenges generated by the pandemic have led the organizations inserted in the Third Sector to planning new responses for communities that are already naturally more exposed and debilitated, and to rethinking the way the sector operates at a time of greater pressure on available resources.

With the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent economic and social crisis, the focus of nonprofit organizations needs to be readjusted to meet increased needs. This requires an enormous capacity for flexibility as the parameters and structures of action are transformed against a backdrop of uncertainty.

The implications for the resilience of organizations in this context are critical, requiring a broad approach to scale intervention, address financial and operational risks, and ensure liquidity against a backdrop of economic downturn and dispersed resources.

A competitive context

A dynamic and highly competitive environment - in terms of resource distribution and fundraising - creates challenges for the performance and viability of non-profit organizations, specific to the nature of their activity.

Among the overall challenges that we can generalize for most of these types of organizations are the lack of resources, the absence of strategic planning, the absence of networking, limited capacity, and the absence of development approaches.

Tell a compelling, exciting and convincing story

Telling a compelling, exciting and convincing story will be as important today as it ever was. A good and very well told story continues to make the difference.

The one immutable truth is that the story behind organizations, industries, and sectors is decisive. This is the instigator for change, the record of progress, and the difference between participating and actually running to win.

How to tell your story? Know your audience, define your main message, decide what kind of story you are telling, establish your incentive for action, choose the medium to tell it, share your story.

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