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Jan 2, 2019

Rethinking the role of Strategy

Long-term planning seems to be an idea that has lost its meaning, but ensuring a good strategy is more important than ever. What does that mean when it comes to thinking about the communication to implement in 2019?

At the start of a new year and with the Say U Consulting On the verge of its 10th anniversary, it's impossible not to take stock and assess what the future might hold. The environment is unpredictable and seemingly incompatible with responses that aren't immediate. Although this reality is not exactly new, the weaknesses of a traditional strategy - associated with an overly focused vision and a rigid timetable - have been amplified by the importance of ensuring agility in a rapidly changing world.

Longevity is made up of resilience and insistence, but also dynamism and innovation. We won't grow if we don't know how to change.

This environment of transformation forces us to think "outside the box". The starting point must be to be able to think differently about what it means to develop a broad and effective strategy: less time planning and more time involving professionals and teams inside and outside the company, going beyond very restricted models and timetables and reflecting external dynamism internally.

But this is not enough. To make a real impact through communication, we need to know how to fit different facets together, including managing resources, identifying new business opportunities and creating original solutions to respond to identified market trends. Some of these roles are more familiar to certain professionals and organizations than others, but this vital notion of comprehensiveness and ability "to do" is relevant to everyone.

Only those organizations that are able to look at these new challenges and rethink the way their teams are organized and their strategies implemented can hope to be prepared to be relevant in the eyes of their public over the next year. But this will require looking inside the organization and knowing how to leverage resources and opportunities in a more effective vision of the role of Communication.

Happy New Year and good business, with the right dose of communication!



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