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Oct 2, 2020

MAP Virtual Week debates Entrepreneurship in the post-COVID-19 era

Entrepreneurship post-COVID-19

Entrepreneurship post-COVID-19

The 10th edition of the Montepio Acredita Portugal Competition will feature a week of speeches and virtual round tables to discuss the current challenges facing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The initiative brings together dozens of speakers for a wide-ranging discussion on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, raising investment, the role of technology and the challenges of the social economy and sustainability, post-COVID-19 entrepreneurship

In its 10th edition, the Montepio Acredita Portugal competition, the largest entrepreneurship competition in the country, has created a pioneering initiative: the "MAP Virtual Week", a week of presentations, debates and sharing on key topics for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Between October 12 and 18, and in an online format, it is the first major initiative dedicated to Entrepreneurship in the post-COVID-19 context in Portugal.

The opening session of the initiative will feature the testimony of André de Aragão Azevedo, Secretary of State for the Digital Transition.

This week will cover topics such as the change in the way companies operate in the face of digital transformation and the role of new technologies in innovating traditional businesses, what comes after the Exit in a startup, support for entrepreneurship, the failure between investors and Big Corp, the future of mobility in the Portuguese economy, female leadership and sustainable entrepreneurship.

As Fernando Fraga, CSO of Acredita Portugal, explains, "In the year in which we reach a decade of the competition's history, and given the current context, it made perfect sense for us to bring together some of the main players and mentors in Portugal's entrepreneurial ecosystem to combine experiences, visions and goals for the country's future. MAP Virtual Week is essentially a sharing initiative, aimed at providing knowledge about what it means to be an entrepreneur today and what it should mean tomorrow, and equipping all those interested with tools that they can introduce into the operations of their companies and the development of their projects. Above all, we want to empower a relevant segment of 'doers' who, faced with a scenario of increased challenges, can have a say in formulating new ideas, mobilizing resources and revitalizing the economy. We want this to be a platform for encouragement and action to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of the Portuguese."

MAP Virtual Week has several sessions and dozens of speakers, including:

"2020: What opportunities does the economic and health crisis bring?" - Tim Vieira (CEO, Brave Generation), Helena Maio (Advisor, Portugal Ventures), Pedro Bandeira (Founder and CEO, Core Angels) and Isabel Neves (Vice President, FNABA - Federação Nacional de Business Angels) reflect on the opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 crisis and how we can exploit them over the coming years.

"The role of the social economy in the new Portugal" - Fernando Amaro (Director of the Social Economy Area, Banco Montepio), Sérgio Barroso (National Council of the Aga Khan Foundation Portugal), Tânia Marques (Project Development Coordinator, IPAV - Instituto Padre António Vieira) and Filipe Almeida (President, Portugal Inovação Social) point out the future of the social economy in Portugal, what is changing in the sector and how organizations can adapt to this new reality.

"Portugal in the world: The challenges of internationalization" - José Correia (General Director, Milk Dynamics), Pedro Silveira (Commercial Director, AICEP) and Miguel Pina Martins (CEO, Science4you) point out the biggest challenges facing the internationalization of companies in Portugal and how, in an increasingly digital world, Portugal can assert itself as a relevant player in global entrepreneurship.

"Entrepreneurship in Portugal: What are the next steps?" - Ana Marques (National Incubator Network), José Vale (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate, IAPMEI), Diogo Bhovan (CEO, Cron.Studio) and Fernando Fraga (Acredita Portugal) assess the boom in entrepreneurship in Portugal in recent years and the next steps for this ecosystem at a time when, from local incubators to the Web Summit, Portugal has become a "Startup Nation".

MAP Virtual Week also includes a digital entrepreneurship fair for the projects competing in this edition of Montepio Acredita Portugal, themed meet ups and webinars, mentoring moments and open sessions that will allow anyone to address questions to personalities from the Entrepreneurship sector in Portugal.

The initiative is organized in partnership with Virtual Fair and developed by Media Invest. Registration is free and can be done at www.mapvirtualweek.pt.

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