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Oct 30, 2017

4 Ways to Get More Ratings from Your Customers on Google and Facebook

4 Ways to Get More Ratings from Your Customers on Google and Facebook


Facebook and Google have introduced new programs that value the importance of customer reviews, which help to build a successful business. When Facebook and Google help promoting your brand's online reputationIt is very important to pay attention to your customers' comments and reactions, as this will help you to better manage your brand's reputation.

1. Always ask for feedback and comments from your customers, but ask this question first: Do you consider yourself a helpful person? This is often an effective way of influencing someone to give you a review of a particular product/service.

2.Use software to manage your company's marketing and reputation.
The software helps the customer to provide comments and criticism.

3. Share comments on all your social networks.
It's important to promote the good experiences of satisfied customers on social media. People are more likely to like a page when they see how it relates to customers and this makes them more likely to become customers.

4.Get videos with testimonials from satisfied customers.
In this digital age, it's easier if online testimonials are authentic, because you can't question the veracity of a video.



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