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Sep 22, 2023

How does the change of season affect the battery?

Along with the battery, tires, coolant and windshield wipers are the elements most affected by heat and cold. Euromaster warns of the importance of monitoring temperatures and weather conditions at the change of season.


Lisbon, September 22nd - Vehicles are very sensitive to seasonal changes, with the corresponding variations in temperature, totally affecting some of their components. This is the case with the battery, an element that suffers from the thermometer and which, if left unchecked, can bring the vehicle to a standstill when you least expect it, recalls Euromaster, a network of workshops specializing in comprehensive vehicle maintenance.

And it's not the only element that suffers from temperature changes. Keeping the engine coolant in good condition and ensuring that it maintains its antifreeze properties is essential for the health of the engine. It's important to remember that this fluid helps prevent the cooling circuit from freezing and engine breakdowns. Replacing it is a low investment compared to the damage it can cause if it is not done, as it can cause the engine to collapse. The average cost of changing the coolant is 70 euros.

On the other hand, with the onset of rain, tires are crucial to ensuring safe driving. To avoid unnecessary scares, Euromaster recommends that the depth of the tires be no less than 3 millimeters. If the tires don't meet this requirement, the braking distance can double in wet conditions, putting the safety of the occupants at risk. On average, a set of two tires means an investment of between 200 and 500 euros, depending on the type of car and wheel diameter.

In addition, Euromaster reminds us of the importance of keeping an eye on the outside temperature thermometer, because when it starts to drop below 8°C, it is advisable to opt for an all season or winter tires, i.e. tires with specific characteristics for cold, rainy and even snowy conditions.

No less important are the wiper blades and the wiper fluid. Poor condition of the wiper blades, or even a lack of fluid, can seriously affect the driver's visibility, especially in bad weather.


About Euromaster

Euromaster is the network of workshops specialized in the comprehensive maintenance of vehicles throughout their useful life. Its more than 80 workshops in Portugal contribute to the road health of the automotive fleet, both passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as new forms of mobility and fleets, providing a quality service and capillarity to adapt to your needs. Its services cover not only preventive maintenance, but also predictive maintenance through data and critical point analysis. Part of the Michelin Group, Euromaster is present in 19 European countries, with more than 2,500 workshops, 10,000 professionals and 1,600 mobile units. More information at www.euromaster.pt



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