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Nov 29, 2023

Employer Branding: Knowing how to make a Brand more attractive

Employer Branding

There are various tools and approaches that companies can use to strengthen their Employer Branding strategy. Some of the most effective include:

  • Employee testimonials - This practice is fundamental because candidates trust the testimony of former professionals three times more than the information provided by the company.
  • Office and workplace - These should reflect the spirit of the company as much as possible.
  • Benefits - Benefits such as health insurance are not as relevant as employee testimonials, but they still make a difference when it comes to choosing a particular company.
  • Events - Internal events are crucial for creating bonds with the team, while external events expose the company's dynamics and image to potential candidates.
  • Awards - Bonuses are motivating factors for employees, and this advantage should be used as a reason for business development.

In view of these practices, it is crucial to know which companies have mastered the practice of employer branding.


The employer branding of Google is one of the best in the world. The company is recognized for having a positive approach towards its employees, as well as the ability to build a strong value proposition associated with its global brand. Every year Google receives around 3 million CVs and hires 7,000 new professionals.

Given these values, it makes sense for the company to promote awards such as "employee of the year". Other benefits, such as an attractive workspace, are factors that help Google attract diverse talent.


A curiosity about Salesforce is that it addresses its employees as "Ohana" - the Hawaiian word for "family". Using this term to refer to its employees contributes to the building of a well-established community in this company, in addition to the award of the title of "#1 World's Best Workplace" for several consecutive years.

A vital part of Salesforce's employer branding activities is the organization of "Ohana family meetings", i.e. internal events where employees can relax and meet in a semi-formal atmosphere.


O Starbucks is another example in which employer branding has contributed to huge current success. Although this business was not initially associated with employer branding, the brand has a very effective communication strategy as it uses Twitter and Instagram to create effective employer branding channels, using these platforms to communicate with current and potential professionals and advertise new vacancies.

Similar to Salesforce, Starbucks refers to its employees closely, calling them "partners".



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