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May 7, 2018

KCS IT with new brand on its 10th anniversary

KCS IT with new brand on its 10th anniversary

In the year in which it marks 10 years of activity, KCS iT is transforming its brand and incorporating values of differentiation and the current moment of the consultancy into this new visual identity. The rebranding also follows a transformation in the range of services on offer.


Lisbon, May 07, 2018 - A KCS iT is marking its 10th anniversary this year, taking the opportunity to rebrand the consulting firm and reinforce its differentiating factors.

For Tiago Farinha, Managing Director of KCS iT, "In the year in which we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we can say that the challenge of KCS iT's sustainability has been largely overcome. Our goals are now to develop new solutions, seek an innovative offer and expand our operations and results. The notion that this is a significant milestone in KCS iT's history means that we want to mark it with a change in the way we present ourselves to the market and to our consultants, with values and an identity that are now more visible.".

The brand now presented is aimed at a younger, more up-to-date and more relevant tone of communication for all those who interact with KCS iT and is based on the concept of "We Make IT" to express an idea of proximity and affirm the differentiation in the work carried out by the consultancy.

The value of Proximity expressed in "We" relates to the idea of the involvement of KCS iT consultants. In 10 years KCS has grown from 20 to 252 employees, and the identity now reflects this change. The phrase "We Make IT" has a double meaning: "We make IT", as a solid, relevant and expanding company in the IT market, and "We do that", as a company that surpasses itself on a daily basis and is flexible and innovative.

This rebranding process follows a broader transformation at the consultancy, which involved restructuring its range of services, with solutions aligned with the markets in which KCS iT operates and which it sees as a response to the expectations of its employees and clients.

This optimization is part of the process of growing the organization, its knowledge, the intrinsic desire to create value for KCS iT, its clients and the consultant's goal of asserting itself in the national and international market in an appropriate manner. The transformation is designed to bring added value to the projects developed, ensuring the essence that characterizes the consultancy and the work undertaken.


About KCS iT:
KCS iT is a consulting, outsourcing and training services company specializing in Project Management in line with PMI® best practices.
Totally innovative in its field, KCS iT creates value for its clients by carrying out strategic consultancy and IT project management for organizations through the implementation of international PMI® best practices and the management of its clients' unique projects.


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