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Feb 28, 2019

Union between Lacoste and NGO

Union between Lacoste and NGO

Lacoste has taken the initiative to team up with the NGO Save Our Species

The famous French clothing brand Lacoste has taken the initiative to team up with the NGO Save Our Species (SOS), which aims to support nature conservation and ensure the long-term survival of endangered species and their habitats.

As a demonstration of its support for this type of cause, Lacoste has replaced its iconic crocodile with the image of other endangered animals.

The number of poles produced was 1775. This number is not very high, but it has enormous significance: it corresponds to the number of endangered species. The campaign was a success and quickly sold out, but it is still possible to donate to this cause via the organization's website at https://www.saveourspecies.org/donate.

When brands carry out this type of initiative, in addition to an increased level of media exposure, they are able to get closer to the general public - with obvious reputational benefits for the brand in question - and also raise public awareness of this type of issue.

Social responsibility is now an obligation for any type of organization and society "demands" that brands have policies of this kind. These kinds of initiatives are good examples of how how brands should position themselves.

Find the Instagram post about Union Between Lacoste and NGO on: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bfu26oAF1Ei/



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